To Serve…..

TORONTO – A Toronto-area police officer has pleaded guilty to assault after siccing his K-9 unit dog on a man who was lying down awaiting arrest.

York Region police Const. Michael Partridge has admitted to his role in the assault that occurred on March 30, 2016 that left a man with minor injuries.

A Toronto court heard today that a surveillance video captured the incident that shows Partridge kicking and punching the suspect while the dog bit and clamped down on the man’s arm.

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6 Responses to To Serve…..

  1. LFMayor says:

    Star light, star bright. Show us some asses on fire tonight.

  2. Bibliotheca Servare says:

    Holy carp! Mark the calendar! He (evidently) wasn’t covered by “Qualified Immunity”! Is gravity still online? Has hell frozen over?

    Here’s a link, for the folks who don’t know what qualified immunity is (I still don’t know how to embed a link in text…I’m a failed millennial, lol):

  3. Winston Smith says:

    Well, jump me if you will, but I LOVE it when the puppy gets to bite for whatever reason!!!!

  4. fishdawg says:

    FUCK THE PIGS!!! OUT OF CONTROL MOON BAT CRAZY W/POWER AND ‘ROID RAGED ASSHATS. One day I’ll let you know how I really, really feel about them. Also my Dad was a cop back in the day when they were peace officers, not LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS filling govt. coffers.

  5. Jack Crabb says:

    NWA had it right years ago…

  6. Dan says:

    The ONLY reason this badgemonkey is being punished is because of video. Without it he would have gotten away with his crime. And for every instance like this a thousand exist where justice IS NOT DONE

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