Tornadoes too???

As if the hurricane alone wasn’t bad enough…..
Terry from Fla emailed me a little bit ago letting me know he was safe, but there were several tornado warnings being broadcast.
You want to see how many? Check this out:

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3 Responses to Tornadoes too???

  1. John Deaux says:

    Them hurricanes have a bad habit of stirring up those things.
    Be safe Terry

  2. Andrew says:

    Yep. Tornadoes are one of the worst parts of hurricanes. Most structures can handle constant wind, up to some pretty atrocious speeds.

    Gusting winds, not so much.

    Circular gusting winds, really not so much.

    And you can’t see the bastards for all the rain.

  3. Oldfart says:

    You have to expect tornados around a hurricane, so I wasn’t surprised. What caught my eye was the flash flooding warning for Oxnard, CA. It’s close to the ocean but flatter than a platter of piss. When I lived there the area was criss-crossed with drainage ditches but when they filled up the water would simply stand there waiting for the sun to dry it out. Sometimes that took a few days.

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