Touch my junk…..

Earlier this year, the LA Times reported: “TSA quietly launches new ‘enhanced’ pat-down procedure.” The Times noted that TSA would not describe precisely how the new procedure is different from the old one: “TSA officials declined to detail the new universal procedure or the previous pat-down tactics, but the industry is bracing for passenger unhappiness about more invasive searches.”

For those curious about what the “enhanced” pat-down involves, I had a first-hand experience (no pun intended) Sunday evening September 10 in the Kansas City airport. (This is going exactly where you think it’s going, so feel free to stop reading right now.)

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6 Responses to Touch my junk…..

  1. NNW GA Bob says:

    It’s this kinda “security” that would make me beat the shit out of a TSA agent. We will NEVER fly again. We now always drive.

  2. Exile1981 says:

    Last time I got a pat down I asked the agent if I was supposed to leave the money on the counter or stuff ones into his g-string. He didn’t find it very funny.

  3. loaded4bear says:

    Remind me how it makes sense to randomly subject Americans to this and not target ( re: profile ) the people actually responsible for the terrorism?

    • pdwalker says:

      Because doing that would be profilin’ and profilin’ be raciss’

      • Andrew says:

        Even worse, you can’t pat down ‘islamics’ because it violates their religious tenets.

        So, you can’t profile them as mad bombers and you’re not allowed to pat down the radical goat-fuckers because it’s against their faith. So TSA just basically lets them walk through. And God forbid you even look at one of their women. Or someone who identifies as an imam or whatever.


        • Mike_C says:

          1. Yeah. Fuckers.

          2. So why don’t we each put on a hijab while in line, to make it obvious and claim to identify as a devout muslima for the time we are going through “security”?

          2a. Learn the shahada, profess it loudly if they try to search you. Might also come in useful if you are in an (well, another) unpleasant situation while in a victim disarmament zone.

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