VMI to keep statues

Leaders of Virginia Military Institute said Tuesday that the school will keep its Confederate statues and consider adding more historical context in the aftermath of last month’s violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.

At a VMI Board of Visitors meeting Tuesday, VMI Superintendent J.H. Binford Peay III defended the school’s traditions while declaring “there’s no place for discrimination” at the state-supported military college. The school, founded in Lexington before the outbreak of the Civil War, has continually evolved since it was racially integrated in 1968, Peay said.

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3 Responses to VMI to keep statues

  1. J Sage says:

    The ol’ man smiles from the grave, Class of ’55. Thanks for the update Kenny! Lexington’s other institute of learning, Washington & Lee University, removed the battle flags from Lee Chapel, home to Robert E Lee’s tomb, a few years back as I recall. A beautiful chapel with some large killer paintings of both Lee and Washington. Gorgeous campus with a notable history. Worth a visit if you ever get the chance. It’ll be interesting how they fair with the associations to their namesakes as time goes on, being a private liberal arts school. My grandpa graduated from there in ‘28 with a law degree, boy was southern as they come and made the best salt cured hams I’ve ever tasted. Sure miss that ol’ bastard and them hams!

  2. Andrew M. Brantley says:

    As a 1969 graduate of VMI and a retired Infantry Officer, I was happy to see the decision made to keep the statues. What I am not too happy with is what has been lost of the traditions associated with the Confederacy and the New Market Ceremony. (In 1864 the Corps of Cadets under the command of John C. Breckenridge participated in the Battle of New Market, VA which was won by Confederate forces. This is the only time a military college has ever fought as a unit and been on the winning side.) With the weasel that is the governor at this time, I am not sure the decision is final. Virginia is no longer a southern state as the People’s Republic of Northern Virginia has come to dominate the state level politics and the reason we have a governor born in New York and two Democratic senators who are pond scum. The current Democratic candidate for governor is a VMI graduate, but a liberal, who has stated all statues and memorials on State Property should be removed. Should he win the election I suspect VMI will lose. If you live in the Commonwealth of Virginia please so not vote for any Democratic candidate as they are all ass-wipes.
    No, I do not hate all Democrats, the dead ones are fine…although still voting in many areas of the country.

  3. Carl says:

    They call it a “violent white nationalist rally”, but it was the leftist “ANTIFA” and BLM folks hired by a Soros who started, and did, the vast majority of the violence.

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