Wash those veggies

Make sure to triple wash your greens after buying them from your local grocery store.
Bizarre footage from a Kroger supermarket in Stone Mountain, Georgia, shows a woman laying horizontally on top of fresh produce and appears to be ‘bathing’ it in.
The unidentified woman takes the lettuce and rubs it on her legs and necks while spewing what sounds like a confession.
‘I was about to steal, I’m a starving a** b****’, she says while reaching her foot up and resting it on greens.
She continues to say: ‘And I’m black as hell. And my baby is black.’

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11 Responses to Wash those veggies

  1. Free Citizen says:

    I won the “guess the race” question.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    That’s nasty.
    You should always wash your produce anyhow,since most of it is picked by people who shit and piss out in the fields as they’re picking-without washing their hands. That’s one of the biggest reasons why there’s E-Coli outbreaks fairly often.
    Even stuff from roadside veggie stands and farmer’s markets should be washed-especially anything being sold as “organic” or “organically grown” as the fertilizers used tend to be manure/composted manure,which contains tons of assorted bacteria that can make you ill.
    Washing off fruits and veggies won’t remove all the bacteria,or kill them,buy it tends to remove enough so that you don’t get sick.
    If you think the stuff is contaminated with e-coli,listeria,etc. you can fill up your sink with 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 gallon of cold water,and soak your produce in it for 3 minutes minimum,then rinse thoroughly in cold water.
    You will not taste the bleach-that ratio-1 tablespoon bleach to 1 gallon cold water is 200ppm,which is safe for foodservice use.
    Hot water degrades bleach-so if you’re cleaning cutting boards,countertops etc,do not use hot water-lukewarm is fine,the chlorine will still kill the nasty critters that could make you sick.
    If you store your bleach at temps over 70 degrees F,your bleach will degrade.

  3. rolldog says:

    Put. The. Cucumber. Down. Now.

  4. favill says:

    Is this why there were stores back in the day that didn’t allow “coloreds” on the premises? That store will now have to destroy all that produce.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Drugs must be better or just different today than when I was doing them… some strange stuff happened but not like that.

  6. Maybe she was just colored greens. It is the south, after all.

  7. Trib says:

    God help us from these Hillary voters.

  8. Mike_C says:

    >Iā€™m a starving a** b****
    Well, if she identifies as a “starving a** b****” then who am I to challenge her assertion, in this day and age. But I will say that a person with her physique clearly hasn’t been starving for very long.

    And it wasn’t because of drugs. It was the unbearable mental stress of being in proximity to a monument bearing the likenesses of Lee, Davis and Jackson. Now if she’s tested and turns out to have drugs on board, then she took the drugs because of the mental stress, etc. No matter how you slice it, racism is to blame.

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