When you build your boat a little at a time

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  1. John Matus says:

    Every one of those outboards $20,000+ in my neck of the woods.

  2. Thomas Doan says:

    Oil Rig tender, easier to replace the motors when op hours are up. Tx and LA are loaded with good outboard deals if you know what to look for.

  3. Tsquared says:

    They are too close, the spacing is wrong. Also if the two on the outside motors do not have extended length lowers they are going to burn water pumps up daily. The Vx250 is a dependable carb’d engine that makes good power but it is also a very thirsty engine.

  4. WoodBurner says:

    2 Thousand HP?!

  5. As a boater I have my doubts.
    1. More efficient to have one in-board engine with one fuel line not eight.
    2. Insufficient room for the motors to turn for steering.
    3. Ridiculously complicated gear control, failure prone too I’ll bet.
    4. Require really heavy counterweight up front or the stern is going to sink under all that weight. (Is that an inflatable? Too light!)

    5. Stupidity overrules all my points (especially if alcohol is involved).

  6. oltanker says:

    “We’ll get my wife’s brother to design it. He knows all about boats’n’shit…”

    And this is what results…

  7. Rick Roe says:

    I set up, rig, maintain and repair boats like this for a living. This is an older picture but Thomas is correct about its’ use in the oil industry. Most of my jobs these days involve high end offshore sportfishing boats for people who have too much money. The boats are actually very efficient. Easy to change out long blocks and/or lower units. Modern four stroke and digital fuel injection technology gives you awesome speed and fuel economy. It seems I use a laptop for trouble shooting and repairs more than my hand tools. Things change over 50 years…..

  8. Saw this a few years back. It’s a drug boat that was caught somewhere in Great Brittan.

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