Whoa, back up here…

Five high school students in southern Iowa were punished after a photo of them wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods, burning a cross and waving a Confederate flag went viral.
Creston Community High School assistant principal Jeff Bevins said the students would be disciplined but he has not revealed to what extent because they are minors.
In the photo, one of the teens is holding a rifle and one of them is shirtless. All appear to be male students. Behind them is a burning cross, a common practice by the KKK.


While I agree that it was a stupid thing to do, if it didn’t take place on school grounds or during school hours, where the fuck does the school get off punishing them? Have they now assumed the responsibility of disciplining your kids 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Hell, even the cops didn’t get involved saying ‘it is not considered a criminal matter at this point’.

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  1. John Deaux says:

    I’m waiting for the call from school my grandson goes to, we’ll probably have to sue the school board to get him back in. That day is coming maybe sooner than later but …

  2. Roger says:

    More feel good PC bullshit.

  3. Chris Mallory says:

    “Have they now assumed the responsibility of disciplining your kids 24 hours a day 7 days a week?”
    Yes, for the most part they have. Most school Codes of Conduct give the school the ability to punish for any act that “might disrupt the educational environment”. The parents probably signed a form agreeing to it.

    “Discipline Policies for Off-Campus Conduct
    Many states have extended their discipline policies to cover student conduct off campus or after school hours. Almost every school has the power to discipline students for off-campus conduct that directly interferes with the learning process, such as cheating on homework. Additionally, on-campus behavior continued after school hours — such as bullying after school — or off-campus conduct done in retaliation for on-campus activities — students fighting in a park, for instance — can result in an on-campus discipline proceeding.
    Issues such as cyberbullying and harassment through social media have prompted many school districts to police students’ online activity. As a result, some of these policies have been challenged in court and have been struck down for violating students’ free speech rights. Parents and students should check their school district policies and state laws to determine what types of off-campus behavior violate a student’s code of conduct.”
    I don’t agree with it, but that is how the world is working in the USA today.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Well, that’s fucked up.

      • Sunny says:

        It is fucked up.
        Yet, we put up with it cause ‘they be getting an education’. Sure…
        Home schooling is still a viable option. But folks would rather have a babysitter along with that education. TRUTH

        sons of bitches wouldn’t have my kids to mistreat!

      • ChuckN says:

        Screwed up, yes; but a bit more understandable when you experience just how many parents no longer believe in curtailing bad behavior of any form and especially teaching responsibility. I worked as a jail guard for a few years; no that I’m teaching highschool I can tell you exactly which and hIow many kids are destined for the big house. It’s the same mentality, ‘I have no responsibilities and no punishments’.

        I have kids that 50 years ago would have been beaten to a pulp by their peers and probably expelled within a week. With kids like this you sure as hell know they’re getting no guidance at home. Hence a nanny state issue that has come about out of actual need for at least some semblance of order.

        • Jack58 says:

          Exactly correct..Closing in on my second decade of teaching High schoolers..I’ve had to curtail several assignments/projects that I’ve previously taught for years because MANY of the kids this country is now producing do not have the patience, mental capacity, or simple “give a shitness” whether they pass or not. They get multiple opportunities to fail course after course and still graduate by hook or by crook. What would get a student expelled a mere ten years ago will now, at worst, result in a 30 day stint at an alternative curriculum spot. Then, back to Gen -Pop..
          Students do NOT get expelled at all anymore for any offense short of aggravated assault – and then, maybe..All depends on their special condition don’t ya’ know.
          Social promotion is rampant – do you want YOU’RE 14 year old teen attending the same school with a large population of 20 -21 year old semi-literate cretins? Keep the revolving door greased..
          At our ISD if you fail more than 18% of any particular class you WILL be called in to the Assistant Principals office and informed that the problem is Y.O.U. – not the kids whom wipe their ass with their homework – if they even bother to take it with them.
          I’m not saying these degenerates are even near the majority – but there are more like them every year..
          I still have students that make me so proud to do what I do – and that’s why I still do it..For them.
          It’s all about their iPhones now – and if you want to lose a hand, try to take one away from them..
          Something has to give, and soon – the center cannot hold..

    • John Deaux says:

      I’m thinking home schooling is in my grandson’s near future. He’s a good boy but a little rough around the edges and doesn’t take much when it comes to dumb shit, like his grandpa, and there’s a whole lot of dumb shit these days

      • Odgreen says:

        John, please, please,please, remove your grandson from that bastion of liberal, pc filth. Mrs. Green an I homeschooled all 7 of our children and now all but 2 are married and have children and are homeschooling them. All my sons and daughters were raised working in our family business and now that I am retired, the boys run the show. The girls married men who provide so they no longer participate in the day to day operations but will and do help in the office if needed. Homeschooling has kept my children from wrong thinking, abuse, failed policy, poor teaching and has kept them safe, sane and firmly grounded in our Christian faith. They all live within a few hundred yards from us on our property, they participate in chores around the farm, they attend the same church we do and have for many years and so do our grandkids. Please do your grandson a favor and homeschool him! Sorry for the long post Kenny, can you tell it’s important to me ?

        • John Deaux says:

          Thanks for your input Mr Green, I have seriously considered it. I will have to fight his mom, my son’s ex, over it if I do, we don’t get along very well on good days so.
          I can tell it’s an important issue with you so let me ask, are there any references to curriculum you can recommend ?

          • Andrew says:

            Most states have a home-schooling curriculum suggestion available. If not, go to your local private church school and talk to them. A friend of mine did with their local Catholic school and the people at the school helped them out lots.

          • Odgreen says:

            Whole books. Classics. By engaging them at that level, they get a well rounded view of life. Reading, writing and arithmetic, taught to the tune of a hickory stick as my dad used to say! Research Charlotte Mason, that is how my wife discovered the method. We abandoned a strict, structured, government education model when we realized we were using a failed model!
            It doesn’t have to be complicated, we schooled in the house, the barn, the truck, wherever we were, there was the classroom. Not sure your grandsons age, but I recommend teaching him a trade. Whatever you do, bring him with you. Get him interested, get him his own tools and show him hard, honest labor can not only increase your wealth but it lets you sleep well at night.
            I know this sounds simplistic but remember, we didn’t wake up 6 months ago and decide this, it was a conscientious, deliberate decision to purposely raise our children like this.

            We will keep you in our prayers, John, that you might prevail in your desire to rescue your grandson from this unfortunate situation.

            • John Deaux says:

              Mr Green,
              Thanks for your reply, my grandson is soon to be 10 and is in 4th grade.He’s very active so we have him playing sports, baseball and football, he’s all boy and we plan on keeping it that way. A couple years ago I got him an inexpensive tool box full of hand tools as a birthday gift for him, he’s in it almost every day to work on his bicycle or roller skates. He also helps me with wherever needs fixing around the house. I’m going to look into the subject more
              Thanks to you also, when i lived in Al.many years ago I knew several families that homeschooled but here in deep southeast La. it doesn’t seem to be very popular.
              I do know La will honor your wishes to do so
              Again thanks to both of you for your replies

    • fjord says:

      In some cases, at least there is some attempt at discipline by someone.

      This is a direct result of everyone gets a trophy and the inability to discipline your own kids. By the age of 9, 10ish the manipulative ones know about CPS and use it as a weapon.

    • bettysteve says:

      same thing happening to adults in Australia, shit you are stupid enough to post on farcebook, or get caught on camera doing, can effect your employment status the next day. Employers are monitoring workers social media accounts.

  4. Glider Rider says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  5. California Southpaw says:

    And all the “kill whitey” antics get a pass as usual.

    • Robert the Biker says:

      You can just bet your life on that one! I wonder if little Joe going out with those Antifuck tossers would be suspended for kicking the shit out of someone with the wrong hat, or would that just be ‘youthful exuberance’

  6. Granny says:

    Assistant Principal Jeff Bevins ( Beavis? from Beavis and butt head.)
    The swishing sound is me shaking my head in disbelief.

  7. Towser says:

    Ken, a year or so ago in VA there was a kid who was playing with a toy gun while waiting for the school bus on HIS OWN (parents) property. He was suspended. The state knows no bounds, recognizes no bounds. Homeschool is an option for now but this option is rapidly being drawn under the iron fist of the state. Things are snowballing all around us. This nation will break apart at the seams as our “masters” continue to turn the screws of our bonds.

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