You reap what you sow

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The College Park City Council has voted in favor of a measure that would allow city residents who are not U.S. citizens to vote in local elections.

College Park joins six other towns in allowing legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrants to vote in municipal elections.

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5 Responses to You reap what you sow

  1. FriscoKid says:

    Votes are cheap these days, apparently.

    Dumb bastards…. Maybe we should just let the leftists have everything they want, no resistance, and wait for the whole damn thing burn to the ground. They our children can rebuild western culture from the ashes. Or would the Chinese run in and take over? At least they’d keep the muzzies out, I suppose.

  3. jimbobbyjoe says:

    College Park and the University of Maryland is a world class shithole. You take your life into your own hands going out after dark. As long as they all stay on their side of the Potomac…who cares. You do indeed reap what you sow.

    Cross the river….well we own guns in Viginia.

  4. PoppaGary says:

    Would seem that would run counter to either the state constitution or election laws. Part of the problem with the smaller gov a-holes, is they pass laws that they KNOW are not lawful or constitutional, but are well aware that unless one has standing, they can’t sure to overturn. And how many lawful citizens wants to risk the harm by getting caught breaking said law just to sue to overturn? We need to make it so it is easier to force their hand without having to risk going to jail\prison or fined.

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