As their little playhouses comes crashing down…

In June I reported that President Donald Trump is zeroing in on the elite pedophile rings. There are dozens of politicians, government officials and celebrities – including Harvey Weinstein, Jeff Epstein, Anthony Weiner, Mark Salling and eleven Democratic mayors – who have been arrested or are currently embroiled in major sex or pedophilia scandals since Trump’s election victory. The powerful peers of these sexual predators and pedophiles have vigorously protected them for decades; however, now they’re no longer safe. Trump is fully committed to exposing and stopping the sexual criminality and child sex trafficking that’s run rampant in DC and Hollywood for far too long.

On Feb. 23, during a listening session at the White House on human trafficking Trump said: “Dedicated men and women across the federal government have focused on this for some time — as you know it’s been much more focused over the last four weeks.” Trump meant what he said and wasted no time going after child sexual predators. During Trump’s first month in office alone, authorities arrested over 1500 individuals for charges related to pedophilia. The mainstream media not only has refused to cover child sex trafficking among the elites, they’ve actively covered up for pedophiles because many in the media are involved. However, I wrote in February that this story would eventually get so big that the mainstream media will be forced to cover this epidemic. We’ve finally reached that boiling point.

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16 Responses to As their little playhouses comes crashing down…

  1. kennymac says:

    Bill and Hillary. Weiner and Huma. And best friend Harvey. That’s quite an inner circle of perverts and their enablers, isn’t it?

  2. susan says:

    Wow….great article.

    “Let all the poisons in the mud hatch out.”…..can’t wait to have the filth of obama revealed.

    May God bless, guard and guide President Trump.

  3. NewVegasBadger says:

    The only good pedophile is a dead pedophile. There ought to a bounty on them.

    • Winston Smith says:

      That would solve the problem of the Hollywood studio powers leaning left too. Theres a clue in those names too if folks wouldn’t stick their heads in the sand.

  4. crazyeighter says:

    I can hardly wait to hear what the MSM and the Dems come up with to defend the pedos.

    • pdwalker says:

      There are already stories about pedos in the news trying to drum up sympathy for them.

      They want to normalize pedophilia.

      • Wirecutter says:

        I think that’s not going to happen. The huge majority of Americans find it to be utterly repulsive and rightly so.

        • pdwalker says:

          We can agree on that, but these people are *sick* and they are trying.

          Can you imagine any article in any major publication trying to defend pedophilia? And yet we’re seeing the articles now (and they are getting rightly slammed for it too).

          No, in my mind, these sick bastards and their enablers deserve crucifixion.

  5. Trib says:

    Dominos are falling. expect Bubba clinton to join Obuma in france hide out. The only question is 3 decades of rape and now the bitches call out one of their own. they all jump on the band wagon acting like heroes instead of the closet cowards they were. Expect they are trying to get their name in the paper.

  6. The only good pedophile is a dead one. It’s been proven time after time that like serial killers, they WON’T stop.
    Worse than animals. Pedophilia should have an automatic death penalty. NO long prison sentences with appeal after appeal, but DEATH.

  7. MMinLamesa says:

    This gal, Ms Crokin is really something. She’s the kind of journalist that is almost non-existent these days, one that actually, yaknow, investigates and reports WTF. Thank you for that link, I book marked her immediately.

  8. realspark21 says:

    (Rant on)

    …I wonder then, why has at least one federal agency been told by their attorneys, that even though congress has been increasing their funding (for the last almost 30 years) for them to assist with state sex-offender compliance checks…the new hottness interpretation is NOT to actually assist with actual compliance checks, but to ‘coordinate, “be a force multiplier”, but don’t search, question, enter a home, or investigate anything…just watch the cars of the locals that are doing the check’…the various laws (SORNA, Adam Walsh, etc) and congress’ stated intent have been changed by about four attorneys for one agency…the rumer is pressure from the “Deep State”-obamatons that have yet to be excised at DOJ/Main Justice and their liaisons among the fed agencies…as other have been slowed in immigration law, and others.

    …or so I hear on PBS….

    (Rant off)

  9. Jimmybubba says:

    Never gonna happen.
    It’s more likely for pedophilia to be legalized in the next 10 years than for these people to see prison.

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