Cop flips the fuck out

He starts blazing away just about the 1:30 mark and then thoroughly melts down at the 5:25 mark. What’s amazing is the one of the other guys (EMS?) gives him his fucking gun back!

The back story is HERE, thanks to Winston Smith via the comments.

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30 Responses to Cop flips the fuck out

  1. JTwig says:

    I’m sure he got a medal for bravery and composure under pressure, along with a promotion and raise.

  2. Thomas says:

    Don’t want to go too far off topic., but my brother -retired disabled met/ fireman/dispatcher has this f-upped cops are never wrong world view. Can anyone explain it to me. Anytime a bad cop story comes out we get in a big fight over it.

  3. 1980XLS says:

    Wow, who hired that pussy/snowflake?

  4. snuffy says:

    Automatic section 8, or the police version of it, anyway. Psychologically unfit to be trusted with a pea shooter.

  5. Trib says:

    Cops now days fire off 6 or more rounds and hit nothing. Cops today have no idea about aiming before firing. It is bullshit that he is allowed to shoot 1st before he ID’ed a weapon or a real danger. No one took cover except the cop who ran away.

    • Jimmy the Saint says:

      “Cops now days fire off 6 or more rounds and hit nothing.”

      Amateurs! A few years ago, a bunch of us opened up on a criminal and hit nine – count ’em, nine – innocent bystanders.
      – NYPD

  6. Sarthurk says:

    The whole thing is weird. What are EMT’s doing there in the first place? What led up to this? The whole thing is bizarre. But I repeat myself.

  7. Someone says:

    Looks like PTSD to me. Hope the guy is forced into a deck job and the VA gives up some of their precious time to treat him.

    • Padawan says:

      Now why would the excellent (sarc) system known as the VA give suffering veterans the time of day?

  8. Jimmy the Saint says:

    He went home safe at the end of his shift, and that’s all that really matters.

  9. John h. says:

    The fukin cop was hyperventilating so bad its a wonder he didnt pass out!! They’d of all been safer if he had. What a lunatic. Hopefully his superiors, and i use that term loosely, will terminate w/ cause and order a psych eval before he’s even let out on the street again!!
    John h.

    • crazyeighter says:

      I’m surprised the EMT’s didn’t jack him up about the third time they got a look down his barrel.

      “Here, you need this shot to calm you down.”

  10. Tennessee Budd says:

    As a Tennessean, I feel a whole lot safer knowing this is cop in my state. Yep!
    I’m just glad he’s not in my county.

  11. norse556 says:

    wow! how many times did this guy point his weapon at those EMTs.

  12. Chris Mallory says:

    They ended up charging the couple with assault. They dropped those charges but did get the female on resisting arrest. Here is supposedly the backstory:

    “As officer Johnson was attempting to get Cody in handcuffs, he must have believed he saw Mullinax with a gun—he was unarmed. He wheeled around, with his Glock drawn, pointed it at the man and opened fire in a volley of seven shots.

    That may have been the start of his panic attack. He ran downhill to the far end of the field away from the mobile home, abandoning his suspects, the paramedics, and the citizens he fired upon.”

  13. California Southpaw says:

    This looks like a multi dimensional cluster fuck. This would never happen here in california…and I just saw unicorn.

  14. Whynot says:

    Unfriggin believable…….the prolonged hyperventilation is the most likely culprit for the 5:25 flip-out. EMS (?) dude has NO clue how this (hyperventilation syndrome) even works – the blow off of CO2 will narrow the FOV (field of vision), give carpal spasms (the hands will want to clamp down), and the ONLY way to stop it is to allow the build-up of CO2. Yes, a paper bag works but anxiety levels run high and they’ll rip the bag away. We actually put them on O2 through a non-rebreather but keep the O’s low so they think they’re getting O2 (“can’t breathe” remember?) while forcing the CO2 higher. In this situation, combat breathing (slow 4-count for each phase of breathing) does a pretty good job of controlling it.

    Oh, and remember those carpal spasm?? The LAST thing I’d want to do is hand a loaded handgun back to someone having difficulty with hand grasp……. Look at the officer later as he tries shaking his L hand out.

    This should be grounds for medical retirement or disability…….

    And EMS will have to retrain on scene safety……..

    Tip of the iceberg for EMS and police/SO issues……..everyone of them needs to be retrained….. EXCELLENT video on how NOT to do things…

  15. Aesop says:

    Big whoop.

    Okay, so he had a panic attack, committed attempted murder on the unarmed non-threatening occupants of the nearby dwelling, and the whole freak-out was caught on his bodycam video.

    This is no big deal.

    Fire his ass for the 27 violations of policy and common sense, put him away for the felony for 2-5 years attempted homicide and firing at an occupied dwelling with reckless disregard, pay the family he shot at $100K liquidated damages, and give future ex-con Crybitch your best wishes in his future never-owning-a-gun-legally-for-life endeavors.

    And for a bonus, he gets to go home at the end of his shift.
    In handcuffs.

    We’ll dismiss the federal civil rights violations under color of authority, to show we’re not piling on.

    Oh, and I’d have given his gun back too.
    After dropping the mag and pocketing it, racking the round out of the barrel, and disassembling the slide and frame.
    I’d probably pocket the barrel too, to be safe.

    And I’d have turned in a sworn statement to the local D.A. about his melt-down, and waving the pistol around like he was on crack. If he had a spare pair of handcuffs handy on his belt, that’d be two EMS patients to care for.

    Easy peasey.

    Fuckin’ goobers.

  16. Flashman says:

    What the name of unholy hell did I just watch?

  17. Cederq says:

    I was an MP in the Army. The difference between us and the civilian cops is we stopped and arrested trained killers… This pile of shit needs what Aesop suggested. I too was a nurse in Portland, Oregon and we had pussy cops there in droves.

  18. Critter says:

    As we have it graphically demonstrated here, this job isn’t for everyone.

  19. CC says:

    Personally, I’d like to see some examples of cops that are worthy of the trust granted them by the public – are there any?

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