Dude gets it

He wanders a bit and is kinda hard to follow, but it’s worth watching.


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  1. Dave says:


  2. Tim in AK says:

    Who is this guy, and where was he? Looking like he might be in a rough neighborhood judging by the way he looked gunshy…..always keeping a sharp eye around him as though he was looking to not be taken by surprise.

    The comments under the video were worth reading too.

  3. Eastwood says:

    That’s why you don’t judge a book by it’s cover. He is a hell of a lot smarter than he looks. Same could probably be said about you and me

  4. bettysteve says:

    sadly, there are no “sides” no left, no right, there are a small group of half a dozen or so families running the show, and have been since for ever, a minor goal is the 12 NSA run “Super-states of America”, and run under martial law by those families.
    The “war” will be deliberate and calculated to destroy, sorry, cull, as many useless mouths as possible, (which is why FEMA has massive stockpiles of “community coffins”), the “survivors” will be rounded up and placed in “residential containment facilities” and will be forced, cheap, slave laborers, see we can compete with Asia for low wages.
    ANY attempt by the III group to try and actually fulfill the reason FOR the second amendment would be considered a trigger to start the coup, and if not, they will start the damned thing themselves.
    when the war starts, target the US Federal Reserve board first, cut down wall street, for they are the true profiteers and provoceturs of the war, and money see’s no “sides”.
    that’s just my 2 cents.

  5. bettysteve says:

    as a followup, (hope the last one sent). every played those “age of empire” type games? early in you build lots of peasants who work and build your infrastructure. Because you cannot retrain them later, they are useless for anything but peasant work, you send them out into the wilderness, or towards the enemy to DIE, they are useless mouths who take resources you need for soldiers. Keep a few peasants, you need some for makin food and shit. but cull the herd…
    sound familiar?

  6. bettysteve says:

    #2 Sadly there are no “sides”, no left or right, just half a dozen or so families who have run shit since for-ever, their current mission is the 12 “Super-States of America” run and controlled by the NSA under martial law. The children of these families want their own countries/states like mum and dad have.
    ANY attempt by the III percent to use the 2nd amendment as it was intended would be a trigger to start this war, if not, they will start the damned thing themselves, it is part of the long term cull anyway, this is why FEMA has huge “community coffins” depots with millions of these coffins all round America. The few survivors will be rounded up and placed in FEMA residential containment facilities, now America can compete with Asia for low wages from its “captive” workforce.
    WHEN they start the campaign/war, do not be trying for soft targets like politicians, go for Wall Street, the Federal Reserve board, y’all know the rest. but going for the profiteers and provoceteurs will shorten the war considerably with far, far fewer casualties in the long run.
    it IS going to happen, it’s just when’ and what the trigger ends up being.

  7. massimo7 says:

    yes he gets it but how many others do? I know people who watch progressive news channels and refuse to believe antifa exists. when I bring it up they say its fake news, and if I show them videos on the internet they say it is all staged.

  8. Nemo says:

    from the first comment on the Breitbart article:

    Obama and Holder are the final two suspects. They put the scheme into motion of placing thousands of people in danger of added gun violence.

    …and we wonder why the country is going to hell in a hand basket.

  9. Jay Clay says:

    There is some truth to what he says but only some. There are many different factions, issues, cultures, politics and frankly racial trends at work in the West and the US in particular.It isn’t just some cabal of a few families, or the Joos, or the feminist or the Blacks or the Whites. Frankly trying to narrow the entire thing down to any sort of single us v. them statement is like saying the Civil war wasn’t about slavery. The statement is correct for some back then, but many who supported one side or the other didn’t care a lick about slavery at all, but there was a huge chunk who did. Would there still have been a war if slavery wasn’t used? Maybe, maybe not but it would have been very different that is for certain.

    I guess if narrowing the whole thing down to one problem is a requirement there is really only one that matters and that is government. Our Republic has been mutated into a Mob rule democracy and you cannot have such a government over such a large region as these United States even if we all shared the same racial origins and cultural norms. Throw in all the immigrants, different sized cities and regional needs etc. etc. etc. well the problems are too numerous to name and will only grow under any attempt at central governmental control. It is the same with those who protest. What is causing unrest in one corner of the empire is very different from what has me up in arms in my neck of the woods.

    There are only really three outcomes possible in the end. Either we splinter off into different nations, A financial collapse makes central government impossible and we go back to an earlier form of the Republic (this is assuming a voluntary governmental reset is completely off the table which I think it is). Or we fight to the death and follow the Dodo bird. We have come too far along the melting pot social experiment to ever agree as one people and one nation I fear.

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