From Dennis over at Dragon Leatherworks

OK folks….

Two days left.

Thats it. Two

You may be scratching your head and asking “for what?”

For an Indiegogo campaign by the lovely, talented, and TOTALLY bad-ass actress Julia Ling. :-)

Folks who are into campy sci-fi will remember her as the character of Annu Wu on the show “Chuck”.

She’s a gun-loving-knife-toting-hard-training bad-ass.

So what is her project? Its called Tango Down. Its a short independent production that she is putting together using veterans in the cast, the crew, cameramen, stage, set, art, costume, props (Yours Truly!!! ;-) ) because, in her words, “Hollywood has turned its nose up at vets. There’s a disconnect between vets and Hollywood.”

And she’s right.

Her Indeigogo campaign has fallen well short of her goal, and thats a shame. She’s a sweetheart of a lady, she’s passionate, and she needs support.

The campaign was only $500 short of making 25% of her goal this past Friday. If everyone who knows or follows Dragon Leatherworks could just put in ONE DOLLAR, she can hit 25% with ease.

Hell…I’ve contributed two holsters for her production company to sell to raise money, and another two were given to her props department for use in the film, and she gets to keep them once its done for future projects.

Yeah…I’ve donated over $750 worth of product to her project. Who will join my effort and pitch in JUST A BUCK???

Thanks folks. This is a project I believe in, and its just way beyond cool that she’s looking to use only vets for the whole thing.

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2 Responses to From Dennis over at Dragon Leatherworks

  1. UNO HU says:

    Sounds to me like the folks who crowdfunded the project below might be willing to help. Why don’t you try to hook them up?

    • Dragon says:

      No time…literally, there’s 24 hours left to the IndieGoGo campaign.

      But its FUCKING FANTASTIC to see that its almost at 50% of its goal! Dayum…

      Thanks, everyone. Much appreciated!

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