How many of you know what this is?

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  1. Mountain Rat says:

    Flack tower.

  2. Klaus says:

    German built AA tower.

  3. dj says:

    Flak towers (German: Flaktürme) were eight complexes of large, above-ground, anti-aircraft … The towers were used by the Luftwaffe to defend against Allied air raids against these cities during World War II. They also served as air-raid shelters …

  4. Pete says:

    I’ll take “German Anti-Aircraft tower from WWII”.

  5. Anca says:

    It looks like a reactor containment building. Eastern Europe?

  6. slick says:

    Flak tower. WW2 German.

  7. Walt Crome says:

    Air defense tower for fortress Berlin (WW2)

  8. tripseven says:

    Sammy’s new citadel prototype?

  9. David says:

    Flak tower.

  10. fRed says:

    It looks like the Armory at Williamsbug VA…

  11. LEE says:

    anti aircraft tower probably in Berlin. What did I win?

  12. Jon Frost Johnson says:

    Dutch windmill without the top wind blades. Only the base shown.j

  13. Paraclete says:

    Did it have something to do with Nazi rocket research ?

  14. formwiz says:

    Flak tower?

  15. Burly Spiker says:

    FLAK tower?

  16. thos317 says:

    WWII era coastal defense? I used to see similar structures of the Delaware beaches as a boy.

  17. UP Tom says:

    World war 2 anti aircraft gun tower, probably german

  18. M Gillen says:

    German “Flak” tower, info in link.

  19. Bill B says:

    Flak tower in Berlin?

  20. Prior to doing a photo search, a jump tower, WWII era?

  21. Ycpat says:

    Flak Tower.

  22. M says:

    Anti aircraft gun tower near Berlin.

  23. truthzzzz says:

    Without knowing in fact, I will guess.

    I looks like it could serve as an antiaircraft gun emplacement, such as used during WW2 against the allied bombing raids. There would have been some high value targets near it back then.

    Just add antiaircraft guns, ammunition, and gun operators.

  24. d says:

    I do believe those are FLAK towers built by Nazi Germany during WWII.

  25. One of Hitlers old antiaircraft gun platforms?

    • Genericviews says:

      Flakturm. And still standing because they were so thick that they couldn’t demolish them, even when they wanted to.

  26. greggbc says:

    Looks like a water storage facility.

  27. SgtBob says:

    Flak tower.

  28. majmike says:

    Flak tower, Berlin. Served as both an anti-aircraft artillery emplacement and as a bomb shelter.

  29. C.R. says:

    German gun emplacement?

  30. Vietvet says:

    Democrat National Hindquarters Building, designed to withstand a Trump Presidential bid.

    Subsequently abandoned after its failure in November 2016.

    : )

  31. 10x25mm says:

    Luftwaffe mounted their ferocious 128mm full automatic, water cooled FLAK guns on top. More effective than their fighters from 1943 on.

    • Miles Long says:

      They were neither full auto, nor water cooled. The breech opened & ejected the spent casing automatically at full recoil is about as close as they got to auto.

      Some of the flakturms had four 128mm zwilings (doubles) on top.

      • Rmb says:

        I’ve always wondered if, like many of the Nazi war projects, these were worth the time, manpower and resources.

      • GJB says:

        The 12.8cm Flak 40 twins were autoloaders. Shells were fed into a load tray and were loaded by an electrical loader. Each gun had a fire rate of 10-12 a min. These G-Turms had 4 twin Flak 40’s and could put 96 AA shells into the air every minute. The tower pictured is a 3 gen tower or a Bauart 3.

  32. Paul the machinist. says:

    Only place the ex can’t get to me.

  33. Critter says:

    Is it a water heater?

  34. Booger says:

    So many have discovered Google image search

    • Leonard Jones says:

      I knew what it was at first glance. They were featured in an old WWII
      documentary I watched decades ago.

  35. olds-mo-william says:

    A building that Colin Kaepernick should enter and never be allowed to leave.

  36. JeremyR says:

    Flakturm VII G-tower. Vienna Austria It is a gen three tower.

  37. DW says:

    Looks like a park with a big ass round tower in the background.

  38. 15Fixer says:

    My new bug-out shelter.

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah. Always wanted something like that.

      US version, available for sale once in a while, are old ‘telecommunication’ buildings, built to federal standards of surviving an aerial bomb hit (I think it was 250lb bomb max, may have been 500lb max.) Not too many windows, but built to take a hit.

  39. Skip says:

    Safe space.

  40. Sabre22 says:

    It is a Flak tower Maybe you should have asked people who have not been to Germany or studied world war II in Europe

  41. guy says:

    So what are the projecting frames/braces/whatever – the ones below the rounded concrete pedestals the guns must have sat on? I looked at the flak turret info link above and a few on them have those sorts of things stuck to the side of the building. Seems like it’s make it easier for saboteurs to climb up and mess with the guns.

    • Andrew says:

      Top of platform is for the big guns.

      The lower rosette is for smaller guns and stuff.

      Metal things below? Dunno. Maybe they’re getting ready to turn them into cell towers or something.

      As to ‘climbing up and messing with the guns,’ dude, look at the little people in the background and you’ll get an idea of how massive these bastards are. Huge. Tall enough to put the guns above the tops of the surrounding buildings. Fucking concrete skyscrapers.

    • GJB says:

      They are construction leftover artifacts. They were used to support the wood forms for the concrete pour of the platforms for the small AA guns. G-Turms or gun towers used the angled brackets because the structure was round. The L-Turms or radar towers which were rectangle used straight through steel beams to support the wood forms.

  42. FriscoKid says:

    A soccer ball.

  43. Boone says:

    Augarten, “Peter” in Vienna.

  44. Brig says:

    Large pigeon roost…

  45. steve tompkins says:

    there was a water tower in Ramstein village kinda looked like that. big round concrete structure.

  46. hey! luis says:

    A pace to stash my porn collection.

  47. Alex Lund says:

    I know it is a Flak Tower but

    It looks like the perfect retirement home for Merkel and a lot of other politicians, like Hilary or Hanoi Jane or this West Point $%%&/ Reponse or so.
    Just close every opening (with Stones and cement) except the door before they enter and after they have entered wall-in the entry door.

    Yes, such an old building deserves a more honourful end, but sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.

  48. James says:

    Best answer and hands down winner : FriscoKid !

  49. Dave says:

    My fuckin zombie bug out pad

  50. Dav says:

    Hillary Clinton’s future confinement facility?

  51. bob says:

    Dont know dont care on my 4th Vodka.

  52. DH says:

    AAA tower around Berlin. Like 3-6 were built.

  53. M. Sage says:

    Flak tower.

  54. Mad Jack says:

    It’s a combination Japanese distillery and sunglasses quality control plant.

  55. northernvas says:

    Hillary & Bill Clinton’s next new home?

  56. warhorse says:

    do they use those things for anything now? seems like a lot of very secure real estate to be going to waste.

  57. mrgarabaldi says:

    Hey Kenny;

    “Flakturm”, I know you saw a few “leftovers” from the WWII on the kaserne and out on the economy when you were stationed there.

  58. bobdog says:

    The childhood home of Rapunzel?

    Disney’s Nazi era Enchanted Castle in Berlin?

  59. I was gonna guess a new Taco Bell, but I think I am wrong.

  60. I didn’t realize how many people were interested in Flak Towers. Thank you, Jafo, for posting the link. My first novel included a scene on/in a flak tower and I learned a lot about them. The biggest tower which was located in what is now the bird section of the Berlin Zoo was so big that more than 25K people took shelter in during the last several days of the Soviet assualt on Berlin.

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