Just so ya know…..

In a previous blog “Milking A Tree For Water” I wrote about the phenomena of transpiration and how to collect water by covering the end of a leafy branch with a plastic bag. This article explains a different approach using the same principal but by covering grass with a sheet of plastic.

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2 Responses to Just so ya know…..

  1. SAM says:

    So life long “survival expert” who does not have any idea about how to make a solar still.
    Now for most, people, at most times, in most places, solar still are almost useless (too little water for too much work). But for some reason it is in 90%+ survival books which he can never have read.

  2. anonymous says:

    I think the author could have walked about the taller grass and gathered the dew with more water to drink than his effort THIS time (1 ounce of water). He said half an hour gathered this, but no mention of the time of the day. I’m guessing early morning.

    Still though – never read this before, it could be useful.

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