No, fuck YOU!!!

One man took some time to crush a beer and flip the bird to the Las Vegas shooter as bullets rained down near him.

The unidentified man appears to be holding a 25-ounce Bud Light tallboy as gunfire roars out. People around him take cover and try to get down.

Not this guy. He started hammering his beer, fired up his middle finger in Stephen Paddock’s direction and refused to get down.

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  1. James.458 says:

    While I applauded the mans defiance my only issue is that he may have drawn attention to himself and thus folks around him making them perhaps more likely victims.

    That said,as anyone growing up in the 70’s remembers reminds me of the classic t-shirt with the mouse giving a ferocious cat the finger as it attacks,shirt titled “The Final Act Of Defiance”

    • Wirecutter says:

      At the distance shown in the video I’m pretty sure the gunman couldn’t have picked a single individual out of a crowd flipping him off.

  2. California southpaw says:

    I saw that earlier this morning. He’s like “wait, what? Shooting at us ? Go fuck yourself!”

  3. Doug says:

    where is the muzzle flash? It clearly shows where the firing was supposedly coming from but I can’t see the muzzle flash. Wonder if we’ll ever see the weapons used?

    • Winston Smith says:

      We will be presented the weapons that they SAY are responsible. And my bet is that they will have been legally acquired, all paperwork in perfect order. Or perhaps bought legally off paper in a private sale since that seems to be the commies’ favorite thing to get a hardon about.
      But I’m cynical that way.

    • singlestack says:

      About 11 seconds. Lower part of the building, just to the right of center.

  4. Cpl/Major Mike says:

    Liquid courage causes people to do some stupid shit.

  5. Drew in Michigan says:

    It’s like getting hit by lightning where you going to run to?
    Off thread topic but still relevant, WC feel free to dump this post. Just saying out loud what me and the miss talked about this am.
    ~Maybe it’s my cynical old age, am I the only one that thinks this may have played out like a Matt Bracken novel? Everything seems to perfect, an arm_ory in a major tourist hotel room? Really; Conveniently dead bad guy by his own hand? Again really; Indiscriminate but effective g. fire? Getting harder to buy the story… And right before the senate takes up removing “something” from the nfa list. Look how fast killery was dancing in the blood like she knew it was coming.
    Ok bad Drew bad, go sit in the corner with your tinfoil hat, bad Drew.

    • snuffy says:

      At this time, around 18 hours later, the narrative is still in flux. Did he shoot himself, or was he killed by the police? Hauling in weapons for 4 days? Full auto, or simulated full auto? Legal or illegally converted? I’m not a conspiracy, tin foil hat type, but something is fishy here.

    • Winston Smith says:

      Damn Drew. That flashed thru my mind too when ii first heard it. Old white guys don’t do this kind of shit on their own kind.

    • bikermailman says:

      Been thinking of the good Mr. Bracken all day. Then again, but was a retired accountant. Likely had at a minimum several hundred thousand in the 401k or more. Given the whipping up all this year by the MFM and lefty sites (though I repeat myself), he could have cashed it in, legally bought the apparent full auto gear, sent the gf out of the country with the change. He gets to strike a blow for the forces of good against the horrible people who worked with Putin and put Trump in the WH, right? Given that video of what appears to be the two of them at the poonannie hat rally, it seems a variation of Hanlon’s Razor (Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”) would apply. Never attribute to conspiracy what can be explained with leftist insanity, maybe? That’s the evil of the Cultural Marxists. They lay enough groundwork in preceeding generations, and there doesn’t have to be an steering to events, they’ll just unfold naturally.

    • somedude says:

      it has been following bracken’s novels. downside seems like a bit of the three at one time.

    • Sanders says:

      You aren’t the only one. Something’s rotten in Las Vegas, and it ain’t the fish.

    • Steve says:

      Here are some more interesting discussion points, which I hadn’t considered: link, related to your thoughts.

    • CC says:

      You’re not the only one discussing those issues, Drew.
      Pretty fucking hinky-sounding once the shock wears off and logic starts working again-too many unanswerables; and we already know what desperate lefties are capable of..

  6. Edward Teach says:

    Am I wrong? Do I hear two guns firing at the same time?

    • Winston Smith says:

      Could be echos. Gonna take professionals to sort all of that out imo. If they even bother.

    • singlestack says:

      You’re not wrong. It might be an echo.

    • JeremyR says:

      It is possible for one person to fire two guns at once. he had stands in the room, platforms to lay on, why not crank two at once? Double the mayhem in the critical moments while panic freezes people in the kill zone and with rock and roll, you are not aiming anyway.
      We were trained to rig set guns to fire on the final protective line. An M-60, locked in place, plenty of belts linked together, and a snare wire on the trigger. They reported he had tripods in the room as well.

  7. DW says:

    This whole event does not pass the smell test. I read (per authorities) they found shooting tripods in the room. Plus the pics show 2 windows broken both would have a intersecting field of fire. Isn’t that ambush 101. He had 10+ weapons in the room but decided to kill himself only after killing and wounding many others. Why not take out more especially the cops breaching. They would have only 1 entry point and easy to to defend. Plus he had cameras setup outside the room to watch the door and hallway.

    For a “normal” guy with no military training this is odd. He just didn’t snap as family members are saying Maybe he self educated and caved at the moment he would be caught but something just doesn’t add up. A liberal loon would post his manifesto to push the agenda. Would be curious to find out when was the time of death. He killed himself but when. I’m thinking there may have been another shooter or different shooter that has yet to be found.

  8. Granny says:

    Either way this is a horrible mess. I have spent 12 hours on an Australian site called TheshovelAU trying to explain the inexplicable to a bunch of Australians who all think Americans are totally frothing at the mouth gun freaks. Explaining the reality of why Americans will not give up their guns to a group of British ‘subjects’ is pretty much a waste of time. They quite simply do not get it. Period, so I gave up and withdrew. There are none so blind…etc.

  9. bogsidebunny says:

    Serious “Bad Ass” move….OOH RAH!

  10. Glenn B says:

    There were quite a few assholes standing up in the crowd. If you wanted to stand then do so while running the hell out of there.

  11. Gregbee says:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if some of those guns came from Obama’s “Fast & Furious”

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