No problem as long as you stay away from me

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8 Responses to No problem as long as you stay away from me

  1. Elmo says:

    He probably waxes his pubes, too.

    It’s guys like this that make me proud of the hair growing off the top of my ears.

    • Unclezip says:

      To paraphrase another – I didn’t realize God had a sense of humor until I woke up with hair growing out my ears.

      • Bacon says:

        Of course He has a sense of humor.
        Bad knees and lower backs prove it.

        • crazyeighter says:

          That and taking away the “ability” but leaving the urge,

          (I still look at the pretty girls. Don’t remember why…)

  2. Padawan says:

    The ultimate definition of a hypocrite.

  3. ??! luis says:

    No problem, good to know a C- sucker when ya need one.

  4. WiscoDave says:

    Aspiring Romanian Army officer?

  5. M. Sage says:

    Oh, fuck. Not Onision.

    If you don’t know who that fucker is, you’re lucky. Complete asshole, hard-core feminist, one of the biggest douches that Youtube has exposed us to.

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