November 4th

From A Freeman in the comments.

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19 Responses to November 4th

  1. DrNegativity says:

    What nightmare? What has the administration done so far worth protesting about if you arent an illegal alien?

  2. Bobo the Hobo says:

    I scrolled through the entire site, which appears it was written by a local junior high school girl’s club during a PMS week. Seriously, reading that web site made my IQ drop by 15 points (which is low enough already.)

    Of course, they had a donation page. It is interesting to note that a $5000 donation will fund the operations in their national headquarters located in Manhattan for a month. BTW, their “phone bank script” is hilarious.

  3. Rmb says:

    Aren’t there laws prohibiting public displays of self gratification?

  4. Sedition says:

    Nothing in Florida, nothing in Alabama…how curious.

  5. remember, these devils are trying to draw you out.
    don’t respond in person but let your mayor, city council, sheriff, and police chief know ahead of time that they must come down hard on evil doers–namely black-hooded america haters.

  6. beaver67 says:

    Who cares about these shitholes where these protests are taking place anyway. Most of the people who live in these cities are liberal scumbags. Burn them to the ground, save us the trouble later on.

  7. BadFrog says:

    Crazier than an entire pack of shithouse rats, each and every one of them.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Why do I get the feeling this is going to be another “protesters and counter-protesters get off the same bus” kind of events?

  8. Bigg Ale says:

    Which comments? Lot of garbage to winnow through. Could you copy and paste the comment link? This punks may spark up on Nov 4, but watch it fizzle out quickly.

  9. hbbill says:

    Nice, safe, BLUE cities.

    Somewhere Behind Enemy Lines
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornistan

  10. California Southpaw says:

    I poked around their farcebook a little and copied this doozy. Thought I would share for a grin.
    ‘Selling vegan root beer floats at an animal rights rally’. Rough crowd, there. Heh.

  11. singlestack says:

    I see they’re not completely stupid. No events in Mississippi.

  12. Gleason Long says:

    Will they be sh!tting in Dixie cups, and pissing in water bottles? Will they bother to cleanup the mess that they always leave behind? Does anyone know where their busses will park, or where their H.Q.s/Staging Areas/Retreat/Rehab Safe Places will be? Now that they have announced to the world where, and when they will be in each town (COMSEC much?), perhaps a “Welcoming Committee” can be arranged (Wink, Wink). I fully agree with them, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Their sh!t has got to be STOPPED.

  13. Sanders says:

    They are looking to foul their own nests. Let ’em. It’s no different than blacks burning down their own neighborhoods to protest.

  14. Alexx says:

    Find out where the buses full of protestors are gonna park, pull the bus driver out and toss in a couple flash bangs or CS canisters.

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