One of them moderate muslims, I’m thinkin’

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7 Responses to One of them moderate muslims, I’m thinkin’

  1. anonymous says:

    That or she gonna unhinge Hell on a mofo . . .

  2. Tim says:

    Or really ugly

  3. 15Fixer says:

    Nice legs, just sayin…..

  4. ed357 says:

    Somebody is gonna get stoned in….

    3, 2, 1…..

  5. SS says:

    Fucking Hypocrites. I spent many a month traveling back and forth from Bahrain to Khobar (Saudi Aramco HQ). We only stayed a couple of times in SA because the food sucked and there wasn’t and booze. The causeway between SA and Bahrain is about 20 miles and leaving SA there are 11 lanes of traffic to go thru immigration. Only 2 lanes on the Bahrain side. Huge traffic jams. The weekend for them is Thursday and Friday and lord help you if on Wednesday night your were on the Saudi side trying to get to Bahrain. The cars were all high end MBs or Audis or Escalades. In the back seats were the women in their full black face hiding burkas. The longest we waited to get across was 6 hours but usually 4 to 5 hours to get to the causeway. You could reach out and touch the cars next to you. The horns honking was endless. Once they Saudis cleared immigration and got on the causeway the black shit was coming off. Right in the back seat they are changing clothes. And when we got to the hotel, I hate to say it, but damn they were some of the prettiest women I’ve ever seen – and I’ve been pretty much everywhere. $2000 jeans with diamonds; more 18 carat gold hanging around their necks than you could imagine. And party the night away. The next morning we would go to the local office (no holidays for expats in the ME) and they are stumbling in all F’ed up. Fucking hypocrites

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