Ready… Set… GO!!!

Antifa vows to start a civil war on November 4th.

They have stated this in public and across numerous forms of social media.

This first from


Be sure to check out the video a little more than halfway down.

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32 Responses to Ready… Set… GO!!!

  1. Arc says:

    We the people are standing ready to keep the peace.

  2. Exile1981 says:

    Oh good I have that weekend off and it’s the start of hunting season in my area.

  3. Sedition says:

    IF, and that’s a big if, they have the balls to do it, it’ll be in their gun-free safe zone blue cities and not in “Fly-over America”. We got plans fo’ they ass…

    • Judy says:

      Kind of what I was thing. ‘Fly-over America’ is too busy making a living to put up with that silliness for very long.

  4. Okie says:

    Does it mean stay home…..
    Or carry on as usual ?

    Fash Bash 2017 !!!!!!

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    I’m Stocked, Locked & Loaded

    Long ago I came close on several occasions to legally shooting another human and that’s always really bothered me.

    No, not because I have any moral prohibitions against killing someone, but it’s the fact that I didn’t actually get a chance to pull the trigger and finish the shot that bothers me.

    SWEET, Now, on November 4th I that might just get the chance to put that nightmare behind me.

  6. czechsix says:

    Well, I for one am not looking forward to anything like this. Civil Wars are one of the most fucked up situations to ever happen. I’m sure there will be small groups of dipshits that are going to try to initiate things on the 4th. Hopefully the real LEO that’s out there will take care of business as they need to, but as a civvy I sure as fuck don’t want to have to start defending myself and mine with lethal force, directed against fellow citizens.

    Fucked up times. fucked. up. times. :{

    • Jack Crabb says:

      Are you implying that magic blue costumed ones are not civilians?

      You do realize that “LEOs” as you call them have exactly zero responsibility to preemptively protect citizens, don’t you?

      • czechsix says:

        No, of course I’m not implying that.

        And yes, I do realize that second point also.

        I’m really not looking forward to killing other folk. That’s never been on my bucket list.

  7. JeremyR says:

    Scenario 1. If there is a mass shooting involving air-soft and nerf guns on November 4th, we know who to blame.
    Scenario 2. November 4 is this idiot’s 18th birthday and he will legally be able to buy a real gun.

    Do I take them seriously? Yes, but how many of them are there? They have managed to pull together crowds numbering in the hundreds, thousands might be a stretch. In any case, I never thought the day would come where shooting snow lakes would stop an avalanche.

  8. RottyLover says:

    Come to my little town and riot. Please.

  9. One of the many Bills says:

    I’m thinking their blowin smoke out their asses. There isn’t enough of those pussy’s to start anything.

  10. YODA says:

    Some people are viewing this threat with concern. I would prefer that this not happen but I confess I am viewing it somewhat with anticipation. A wake-up call for Antifa and their running dogs is long overdue. That it has not happened yet is the reason we are where we are.

    “War is sweet to those who have no e xperience of it
    but the experienced man trembles at heart at it’s approach”:
    YODA sends

  11. warhorse says:

    open-carry rallies should be scheduled that day. even if it’s “all us gun guys just go and hang out in the park…”

  12. warhorse says:

    let’s see how much they edit thier endorsements at “refusefascism”. adolph hitler, benito mussolini, and pol pot have already endorsed their actions..

  13. Fred says:

    Bring it bitches

  14. sk6actual says:

    Weeell, I’ve got some Hoppes ‘n WD40 around hea’ somewhere, must be with the cleaning kits. wink, wink

  15. majmike says:

    That reminds me. I need to go to the range and reconfirm the zero on the HK91.

  16. What are their demands exactly? No! No what?

    You’ll notice they don’t stand for anything. Except denial and destruction.

    They think they’re smarter than everyone else, but in reality they have absolutely nothing to say.

    Why don’t the authorities just round these fuckers up and give them all the birch rod, it’d do them the power of good. Film it and put it up on youtube for any wannabe nihilists to see.

    Or maybe cuff them & drag them round the back of the police horses, and let the horses take a dump on them then give them a quick backheel to send them on their way. (That would have to be on youtube as well, natch.)

  17. Nov 5th is Guy Faulks Day and you know how that turned out.

  18. James says:

    I have as have personally watched their antics(Boston Common Free Speech Rally)really at best extreme dislike for these people.That said,they do bring up some valid points about problems in our country,so,if they get violent protesting then lets solve that problem,then we as a country need to work on solving some of the problems they bring up,throwing urine and burning buildings is really not working on solving problems.

  19. Doc B says:

    As I said earlier, only a brain dead city dweller would start any kind of war in the fall going into winter. Christ-Almighty these people have shit for brains. It’s like one or two of them sat around looking at CNN on their Iphones and said….”lets do this!”. You know…the same people dependant on the grid for power, water, sewer, medical care, and food. Because leftists are really self sufficient people….

    I’m sure those “Deplorables” will never figure out that these things are their Achilles heel, nand act accordingly. Justsayin.

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