Republican Turncoats Introduce Anti-Gun Law


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11 Responses to Republican Turncoats Introduce Anti-Gun Law

  1. Glenfilthie says:

    This one will get shoved up their collective hooper easily.

    There’s too many AR15’s, too many gun owners and too many people that are too smart not to see this for what it is: political grandstanding and posturing.

    Let ’em have the whole nine yards, fellas! They most assuredly deserve it!!!

  2. Paulb says:

    They want a war. Nothing less. Holy than thou misfits

  3. Paul says:

    The politicans always seem to underestimate the intelligence of the common citizen.
    In the past they did get away with it but now most folks are starting to pay closer attention and when it comes for reelection they will be in for some big surprises.
    Paul in Texas

  4. Roger says:

    540 some odd hypocrites exist in washington with their sole goal of extending their power and wealth. They blather on about “the People” but their focus is themselves and the swamp that they live in and work hard to maintain. Mr. Trump is running into a wall of resistance from virtually all of the swamp dwellers and what a fight it is!

  5. bettysteve says:

    Australia, l had to surrender my Iron Eagle Barracuda semi automatic PAINTBALL gun when they enacted the bullshit gun bans here, it LOOKED like an assault rifle and it was semi automatic end of story sir..
    and haven’t yall realized yet, there is no “two sides” to your government, they are all chummy lawyer snakes, that’s why they hating on The Don so much and finally showing their TRUE colors and how in lockstep both parties really are with each other, it’s why The Don cannot “fix” obummercare, or ANY other thing he was elected to do. In my country it’s exactly the same thing, so not dissin yall, it’s just so easy to see it in America at the moment.

    ps loved the “if you’re going to build a wall, look to china for wall designs, don’t see many Mexicans in Bejing” :D

  6. rick says:

    I just sent e-mail to my jackass Congress critter. I’ve been in contact with him for yrs and if the past is any indication he will ignore this too. And I am respectful and polite in my correspondence. As if that has been worth anything.

  7. Sambo says:

    Fucking government can eat my ass. I am sick and tired of everyone of those sick ass fuckers.

  8. Towser says:

    First they emasculated the constitution, then they trampled it, now they are burning it. Well… if the constitution means nothing than so be it. Throw the rule book away – let’s play!

  9. Ray says:

    Bend over or fight. Your choice. But the time for internet bitching is over.

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