That’s some white trash shit right there

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13 Responses to That’s some white trash shit right there

  1. Klaus says:

    I think it’s appropriate. Her struggle is obviously using her brain.

  2. Bill says:

    Once again proving the oxymoronic nature of “white supremacy” . I’m quite white BTW

  3. tata's! luis says:

    ?? I Don’t get it, ??? They look fine to me.

  4. MadMarlin says:

    That is ignorance in pure form. By the looks of her pic she doesn’t look older than late teens. She definitely needs psychological help.

  5. California Southpaw says:

    Does that mean left tit in German?

  6. Is that some hairy pink dude holding her while they are sitting on a toilet.
    Never mind I Don’t need to know.

  7. J- says:

    I’d bang the hell out of that then tell her that I’m Jewish as I walk out the door.

  8. corditechris says:

    Is she having a problem getting those things in her bra?

  9. George says:


  10. ofaycat says:

    Someone told her that Mein Kampf means ‘great tits’

  11. My heart is my struggle? Very strange.

    As for the evil bastard who inked her, they ought to be jailed for that. Mind you, Hitler was in jail when he wrote Mein Kampf, so maybe they’d enjoy emulating the “Vienna vagabond” …

    I once saw a programme on Brit TV and this teacher asked his class if anyone knew Hitler’s first name, & one of the pupils said, straight faced and in all seriousness, “Heil”.

    This is the calibre of person who is going to be running the world & looking after your pension fund when you retire you know … oh it warms the cockles of your heart doesn’t it …

    • Padawan says:

      Mine are warmed every day. I work at a university packed with these kinds of snowflakes/idiots.

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