This is probably racist as fuck

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11 Responses to This is probably racist as fuck

  1. JNorth says:

    Eh, even if it isn’t they will say you are anyhow, so, fuck it, who cares.

  2. Gordon says:

    Latwanda can’t hold her beer.

  3. C.R. says:

    Mad Dog 20/20 ? Baaaad shit man ,worst hangover ever!

    • Heathen says:

      Apparently you’ve never had Richards Triple Peach.
      (Peach wine fortified with grain alcohol.)

      • C.R. says:

        I have not run across that ,sounds similar to the dreaded Night Train wine,half grape juice,half cheap anti freeze….. Back in the day we had a bunch of the “Cuban boat people”(remember them?) at Camp Douglas or fort McCoy and a few of those fellows wanted to party,they raided one of the shops,and drank some antifreeze it about killed a bunch of them,I think a couple ended up blind .probably worse hangover than any of the ones I’v had…..

        • Wirecutter says:

          You never drank Mad Dog?
          Yeah, it’s about the same as Night Train.

        • Heathen says:

          Back in “my evil days” a brother & me were really smoked up on some good herb. The first bottle off Triple Peach went down so nice we decided to buy another…….big mistake !

          And I’ve had plenty of Night Train, Mad Dog 20/20, Thunderbird, Paisano Red,and Chateau le Boone Apple wines.

          Harleys, loose women,dope & cheap wine–my misspent youth.

  4. SAM says:

    How can the truth be racist?
    Sorry for a second I forgot what time we live in.

  5. BadFrog says:

    What’s the hired help doing? Sleeping on the job?

  6. UNO HU says:

    How is keeping a pet chimp in the dorm room being racist?

  7. Trib says:

    They got their mammy drunk on Ripple.

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