Tom Petty dead at 66

Tom Petty, the rocker best known as the frontman of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, is dead at 66, CBS News has confirmed.

The legendary musician suffered a full cardiac arrest and was found unconscious and not breathing in his Malibu home Sunday night. He was taken to UCLA Santa Monica Hospital and put on life support, reports TMZ.


Shit shit shit…..

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13 Responses to Tom Petty dead at 66

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    66 and the curtain falls on another star.

    Adios Tom.

  2. Dav says:

    He isn’t dead. CBS prematurely reported his death. He is currently OFF life support after a Cardiac arrest but is breathing on his own. He may or may not make it, but right now he’s alive.

  3. One of the many Bills says:

    Always loved his music. To young to die. Bad news.

  4. guy says:

    Meanwhile Bob Dylan is still kicking. Strange Days…

  5. Padawan says:

    Lot of conflicting reports on this. Either way it’s not good.

  6. Tsquared says:

    He was one of the best. He will be missed

    The summer of ’81 I was driving a freight truck in Florida for a summer job during college. I lucked out with an additional gig house sitting a beach house in Jacksonville during the week (the owner was there Saturday and Sunday). Tom Petty owned the beach house next door. There was a party going on all the time. I got to meet Tom Petty once as he was touring that summer. Meryl Haggard was there most of the summer and I got to see him and Roy Orbison do a jam session. That was the best summer of my life.

  7. Winston Smith says:

    Drugs is hard on you, mmmmkay?

    On the other hand, who wants to die at 90 in an adult diaper in your own shit and drool?

  8. Cederq says:

    Man, A rocker par excellence! He will be missed iffn’ he goes now or later, He is the best!

  9. Stevie says:

    I am heartbroken and still learning to fly…

  10. anonymous says:

    Very sad news, but at least he passed away quickly. R.I.P. Tom – thanks for all the great jams.

    My Dad died the same way – massive heart attack in the backyard. He lingered in the hospital with very little (20% brain activity). Mom, my brother and I elected to pull life support – Dad would not want to have been kept alive in that condition. it was hard but needed to be done.

  11. Annie says:

    Big favorite of mine… Partied my young life away to his music. Amen to going in one big massive event an not lingering to make self and others miserable…… RIP Tom Petty

  12. donnie says:

    My apologies Kenny, for commenting on an old thread. I was just watching some Petty on UBoob and I remembered Your comment on the first reports of His death. “Shit shit shit”. That’s exactly how I felt. For Your trouble, I offer this… It hits me, for what its’ worth.

  13. donnie says:

    After all, I did get to turn my 20 Y/O daughter onto him and take her to see him in Cinicinnati in June 17, so, that was good. She’s forever connected to that. Passin’ it on. Over/Out on this thread.

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