Wait… five POUNDS of bacon for a midnight snack?

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9 Responses to Wait… five POUNDS of bacon for a midnight snack?

  1. pdwalker says:

    But it’s Bacon!

  2. gsebes says:

    Five pounds…midnight snack…yes dear!

  3. One of the many Bills says:

    The dude’s nose must not work. If my wife cooked one strip of bacon in our house I’d be awake in a flash. 5 lbs our house would smell all day of bacon.

    Suppose she could have eaten it raw. Or maybe she went out to the garage to cook it…

  4. SAM says:

    What did she have with it?

    Please do not post her pic. I don’t think we (I hope it’s OK to speak for every one) would mind a pic of five pounds of bacon. MMM bacon.

  5. buzz1949 says:

    Gawd, his wife must be a lard ass pig.

  6. bogsidebunny says:

    The old lady will be shittin’ pork rinds for a week and the toilet will require a bucket of Dawn kitchen detergent to remove the grease build-up.

  7. MMinLamesa says:

    No kidding, 5 pounds? And the guy didn’t notice the aroma from cooking 5 pounds of bacon in his own kitchen? And then he calls the police???

    Number 1 rule of life is never call the police-if you shot some one in your house and can relocate the body safely else where, do that.

    You posted an article from some one recently noting how something like that would result in the person shot, fertilizing a section of woods. I took that bit of advice to heart.

  8. 5 lbs. of bacon cooks down to nothing.
    the lady cannot be a lard bottom unless she drinks the grease.
    i can no longer digest bacon but i enjoy smelling it!

  9. Exile1981 says:

    Maybe it was precooked?

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