When men get bored

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  1. whitestone says:

    Ruint a perfectly good Edsel… Sigh

  2. idaho bob says:

    Good use for an Edsel.


  3. As of a year ago, that beast sat, minus the treads, at the Route 66 Auto Museum in Santa Rosa, NM. If you take a look with Google StreetView you can get a look from some other angles.

  4. John Deaux says:

    Well hell

  5. SAM says:

    That is horrible.

    So why do I want one?

  6. Tsquared says:

    When I was a kid dad had a 2 door ’58 Edsel Corsair. It was a very nice car, leather interior, funky speedometer, push button auto transmission in the steering wheel and it would haul butt. He kept that car 10 years until somebody gave him an offer on it that he couldn’t refuse. I do remember him saying he rebuilt everything on it in the first 4 or 5 years and had no problems with it after that. It was the first “new” car that he had ever bought and his plan was to drive the wheels off of it.

    I really never understood why everybody talked bad about an Edsel. It was just as nice as the neighbors Cadillac that was 5 years newer. I was too young to remember dad rebuilding the car.

  7. phil says:

    I’ll bet he watched The Red Green Show.

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