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Tennessee, baby…..

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What the hell is wrong with this world?

An upstate New York kindergarten teacher was charged Wednesday with distributing and possessing child pornography, prosecutors said, but he told police that he never touched his students or the kids that he counseled at a summer camp. Roland Yockel, 30, … Continue reading

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Pretty damned good advice if you ask me

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Gee, I wonder how that happened…

A Baltimore police officer who was killed with his own service weapon was preparing to testify against fellow officers indicted in a drug-running scheme. Sean Suiter, 43, was fatally shot in the head on November 15, and authorities say there … Continue reading

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Okay, this can get confusing

Because I’d be the motherfucker that walks into the one labeled Nuts because I got ’em.

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Meanwhile, in Baltimore…..

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Good Morning from Florida!!!

LEESBURG — William Chestnut has a tattoo across his chest that reads, “When I do right, no one remembers. When I do bad, no one forgets.” Perhaps no one forgets because Chestnut, 25, can’t seem to stay out of jail. … Continue reading

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Good morning

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What’s the perfect ratio of hens to roosters?

We often get asked how many roosters should be kept with a flock of hens. Although this question is a moot point for folks who cannot keep roosters because of city or byelaws, it is a valid question for those … Continue reading

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Yeah, I’d have to be awful damned tight with somebody to stick my fingers down their throat so they can puke.

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Good party. Right on.

A minor who police said accidentally pocket-dialed 911 led authorities to an underage drinking party in York early Sunday morning that prompted a standoff and the arrest of a man allegedly involved in the illegal celebration. York police said in … Continue reading

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Fly high, li’l birdie!!!

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I’m sure she’s taken, men

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Denver cop pulls a gun on a bill collector

Hey, I don’t like bill collectors either but I wouldn’t pull a gun on one.

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Wow, born and died on the same day of the year

An argument between two men about a birthday cake escalated into a fatal stabbing in a rooming house Monday night, according to police reports and a witness. Carlos Gonzalez-Oliver, 41, faces a murder charge and is being held in lieu … Continue reading

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This is just fucking stupid

People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons: to memorialize loved ones, to achieve a certain aesthetic. Then there are masochists who seek out the Brutal Black Project. Per Vice, those body-art diehards look to surrender control of the process, … Continue reading

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How I met your mother

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From CNN? No shit?

(CNN) As a wave of stories unfold about sexual harassment and assault by men in power, a senior Democratic leader says her party should reflect on how it handled such charges when they were leveled against former President Bill Clinton. … Continue reading

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The Bieb’s looking gayer and gayer every day

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Lock her mouthy ass up

A University of California, Riverside student could face jail time after she was seen in a now-viral video appearing to swipe a “Make America Great Again” hat from a fellow Highlander. Edith Macias allegedly snatched Matthew Vitale’s MAGA hat before … Continue reading

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