4 Gun Myths

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  1. sogay! luis says:

    Naw, tried to watch it, bored the fuck out of me the first 15 seconds, besides ,2 dudes, sitting on a bed, drinking……….sitting on a bed………drinking……..way to macho for me..

    Stick with titty pics = more hits,..

  2. Shitavious DeSwawn McCoy says:

    Yep, can’t get past the gay in that video.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    Whoops. Thought the title read Gun Smiths. Ya know like in Smith & Wesson.

  4. oh well! luis says:

    Think Angel picked this vid out.

  5. Ray says:

    Well they are full of shit about one thing. Most infantry rifles shot one hell of a lot better than “4 to 6 MOA” when factory new. In WW1 ALL US infantry were required to hit an 18 inch bull “3 out of five shots at 800 yards”. THAT was the US basic training standard (I have the book) In “The Springfield 1903 Rifles” By Lt. Col. William S Brophy USAR Ret. Probably the greatest authority on the M-1903 that ever lived. A book containing every known Government document that still survived up to that time about the M-1903 Springfield. It details every part, tool , gauge and process that was ever used in the manufacture, testing, , and use, of the “Rifle Cal. 30 M-1903″ . On page 566 paragraph 3 it states ” all rifles were targeted before issue, firing standard ball ammo. Every rife had to fire a five round group into a 4X4 inch target at 200 yards ” That is a 2 MOA TARGETING STANDARD. WITH BALL AMMO from the factory. For EVERY basic infantry issue weapon. Not target or sniper rifles. BASIC ISSUE WEAPONS. The problem the above “experts” have is that they shoot 70 to 100 year old rebuilt rifles and worn out MG’s, then pronounce them shit; based ,not on how they performed from the factory when new. But on how they perform NOW 70 to 100 years later, after 3 to 10 rebuilds. Those two just lost credibility with anyone who has ever collected infantry rifles P.S In 1939 Springfield stopped using the “Star Gauge” because they tested ALL of the production run of barrels coming off the line and found that ALL of them “star gauged” as “Match” grade. Ian is full of shit and in this video two drunks pulled a lot of bullshit out of there asses.

    • M. Sage says:

      US rifles are a hell of an exception to the rule. Just look at the difference in sights between late 03s, the Garand, and the shit from the European Continent. Euros got stuck on putting pistol sights on rifles (and the Russians STILL do it) because they didn’t expect their troops to be able to do a lot with them, accuracy-wise.

      As a friend of mine once said – Germans made hunting rifles, Americans made hunting rifles, and Brits made combat rifles.

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