A little help from you can ease a lot of worry and pain

My first thought when I decided to do this post was to schedule it for early morning for maximum exposure. Instead, I’ll post it tonight with a rerun for tomorrow’s early morning readers.

ORWELL, Ohio — A crash in Ashtabula County has claimed the lives of two people.

It happened Wednesday morning on Route 45 near Johnson Road in Orwell.

Officials tell WKYC they were called to the scene at 7:11 a.m., where a 2008 Mercury Milan traveled across the center line and struck a truck.

Both vehicles burst into flames.


The two victims were the sons of Double Trouble Two, who some of you might know through her blog.
This is absolutely devastating to her – it’s bad enough to lose one child, I couldn’t imagine losing two.
Angel and Karen were pretty tight so she’s taking the lead on spreading the word about a fundraiser that the family has set up for burial expenses. Please, if it is at all possible, ease Karen’s mind by donating a few bucks. The last thing she needs right now is to worry about money.
Angel has the details on how you can donate.

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6 Responses to A little help from you can ease a lot of worry and pain

  1. Angel says:

    I love you and Miss Lisa. Nothing left unsaid. Thank you for being a great big soft heart wrapped in barbed wire.

  2. Djamer says:

    We are all ONE, and when one of us is in such pain, so are we all. . . Heartfelt thoughts, prayers and peace for you and yours DTT.

  3. Steve in ky says:

    She will be in my prayers. God’s ways are beyond my understanding. He knows what he is about. I wish I had more to give but I gave what I could. God’s peace upon her.

  4. pigpen51 says:

    I have written with her on her blog a time or two. This is a horrible thing to happen. I am headed to the help page right now.

  5. Sunny says:

    This is so awful! I cannot even imagine the heartache this lady has tonight.

  6. Concerned Mama says:

    Praying for the family. I can’t even imagine going through this.

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