Always shit BEFORE you pay your fine, not during

Things went horribly wrong for a Michigan man who tried to pay for a parking ticket in pennies.
Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse than that.
It all started when Anthony Sevy got a $10 parking ticket in Royal Oak, Mich., near Detroit, reports WJBK. He went to pay the ticket with his credit card and was told there would be an added $1.75 service fee.
Sevy wasn’t happy with that, his attorney told WJBK, so he left and later came back with rolls of pennies.


Seems like I read someplace that you don’t have to accept payment in coin if there’s more than 25 of any denomination. I don’t recall reading that paying in coin allows them to choke you out.

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8 Responses to Always shit BEFORE you pay your fine, not during

  1. matt says:

    Big suprise people shoot cops.

  2. cato says:

    Not surprised the “Clerk” is an asshole. Pennies are still legal US tender.

  3. ChuckN says:

    To my knowledge their is no direct limit on payment types for legal tender. That said
    a creditor does not necessarily have to accept cash, for instance I could charge
    eggs for plumbing work. From what I’ve heard of though it’s not the type of payment
    that gets people into trouble but the attitude. If you go in a dump a wheelbarrow full
    of pennies on the floor don’t expect a warm reception. On the other hand, if you are
    polite and bring in either rolls or bank bags of pennies you’re probably okay. If the
    payment is refused always have a visible tape recorder and clearly ask the question
    ‘are you refusing payment of this/my debit’. It may not be much but a creditor is
    going to ask whether they really want to explain to a judge why they refused a
    payment. What I am not sure of (and I would think is definitely quasi legal at best)
    is refusing payment types that do not add an automatic fee to the total.

    In this case, I’d so the guy has a definite case against both the clerk and the ‘officer’.
    Since it was for only $10 and the pennies were rolled I think the clerk was simply
    being a colossal a$$.

  4. Jimmy the Saint says:

    “I don’t recall reading that paying in coin allows them to choke you out.”

    Failure to respect authoritah. It’s in the emanations and penumbras of the Constitution. Probably. Or somewhere.
    – The Government

  5. SPEMack says:

    A private business can do whatever it wants. But I fail to see how any Government entity can refuse legal tender. And why assault the Guy? Fucking petty tyrants.

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