Aw, damn…

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  1. matt says:

    Thats why they call them man’s best friend

  2. Unclezip says:

    Poor baby. Bless his heart.

  3. Gregbee says:

    Allergies making my eyes water up a bit….

  4. John Deaux says:

    Loyalty, love, devotion
    What’s not to respect and appreciate

  5. Klaus says:

    Man is rarely worthy of such devotion.

  6. Putz says:

    I lost my son this April. My heart died with him. A little chocolate meth Lab loved me when I didn’t want to be loved. He doted on me and in between his running around like a psycho he would come and check on me every few minutes. He loved life so much and did everything with such energy that he began to give me hope. 3 weeks ago he was hit by a car and killed because of the stupidity of my mother in law. I can’t even describe the level of empty I now feel. I wish for death everyday but it will not come. Six days ago my wife brought me home an 8wk old chocolate lab. Yesterday I just patted her on the arm and said, I think I will be ok. They are such amazing creatures.

    • John Deaux says:

      Damn man, best wishes and prayers to you

    • A Texan says:

      While I have not been through what you have, my heart goes out to you. I would say that your son would not have wanted you to curl up in a ball and gradually fade away – he’d have wanted you to get on with your life after an appropriate mourning period (and that is up to each person, of course).

      WRT your dog, I feel the same way. We have a 4 1/2 y.o. Black-mouthed Cur whom we love to death…and I dread the day when she is no longer with us, even if it is 8 or 10 years out.

      Don’t give up.

      P.S. You need a different screen name…because you sound like anything but a putz to me.

    • Eric says:

      This is heartbreaking. So sorry for your loss, and I hope that new pup can guide you through.

      My boys are nearly 17 years old (Brothers, fathered by by dad’s dog). They’re still as active and hyper as they were that spring day their momma (A stray) wandered up with them pups in tow. I knew the moment I set eyes on them that they belonged with me – the one is the spitting image of my dad’s dog. They’ve been at my side ever since, and I truly hope I go before they do. I know without a doubt I won’t be able to handle losing my boys.

    • 1980XLS says:

      I hope you find the strength to carry on,
      God Bless.

  7. Stevie says:

    That is a heart breaker…

  8. My friend James became a widower at the age of 61, he and Von had been together since Jr High. She was killed by a Semi. And she was buried in Mobile Al. I took James and the Labs to her grave. The dogs had never been there before. Amazingly they went right to the grave, I just stood there in awe.

  9. Padawan says:

    I need to talk to management about the dust in the building I work in getting in my eye.

  10. Booger says:

    My Dad’s golden lab died the same day he did, which was the one year anniversary of my Mother’s death…WTF?

  11. NewVegasBager says:

    A dog is the only animal that will love your more than it loves itself. I thank God for the gift of my two mutts. I can not imagine how much poorer and empty my life would have been had I not had my two mutts. Especially my husky-shepherd mix, who give me a clue as to what unconditional love looks like.

    Damn, something needs to be done about the dust in the air.

    • Padawan says:

      My grandfather had a pit/mastiff mix who didn’t care much for strange people but unconditionally loved the humans in her house. It wasn’t uncommon to find her cuddled up to one of us or making us laugh with her facial expressions. I think part of her died when my grandfather did. My crack whore aunt took the pup when it came time to move and from what I hear she’s (sadly) not the same anymore.

  12. One of the many Bill's says:

    That’s heartbreaking. Thank God for Dogs.

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