Yeah, I’d have to be awful damned tight with somebody to stick my fingers down their throat so they can puke.

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10 Responses to Besties

  1. Lofty says:

    If I may be so bold as to say, I wouldn’t use my fingers.

  2. But, did she give her friend permission or is this just more liberal sexual assault?

  3. Padawan says:

    My bestie and I are two peas in a pod and practically inseparable but there are lines we don’t cross. This would be one of them.

  4. Wilbur Jenkins says:

    Is this an ANTIFA initiation thing …

  5. Phoenix8 says:

    Well, maybe it was a choice of her barfing BEFORE getting in your car or IN it…

  6. singlestack says:

    It was nice of that guy to hold her hair back for her. I wonder if he’s her boyfriend or if he’s in the “friendzone”.

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