Big Brother’s alive and well in Wichita

In what many are perceiving as a “Big-Brother” move, officers of the Wichita Police Department no longer need to catch your improper left turn or rolling, incomplete stop in person.
If you are caught making a violation on camera by a staffer who is monitoring Old Town from an office in City Hall, that staffer will call and alert a nearby officer of your violation.
The staffer will provide the officer with your location, a description of your vehicle and what violation you made.
That officer can then pull you over.
“I hope people don’t perceive this as ‘Big Brother,’ ” Wichita police Sgt. Kelly O’Brien said.

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17 Responses to Big Brother’s alive and well in Wichita

  1. Trib says:

    Probably spent $1mil just so they make a $5 profit a day spying on Americans.

  2. Miguel says:

    Something similar was done in Florida. Got shot down because the “staffers” were not LEOs and legally cannot enforce laws.

  3. Chris Mallory says:

    Would never work in Kentucky. State law specifically says that any offense “including traffic citations” entitle the citizen to a jury trial. Make these watchers show up in court to testify. After all, the cop did not see the offense, he just wrote the citation.

    But then I have enough problems with authority that I will never plead guilty to anything. The bastards have to prove it in a court of law.

  4. Dan says:

    A fundamental right is to see your accuser face to face in court. If the officer didn’t see the offence he can’t testify to that. I the camera monitor isn’t a sworn officer he can’t issue a ticket. These tickets won’t stand….if the judge is honest.

    • JeremyR says:

      BIG IF. While Kansas is conservative, the courts here are packed with worthless libtarded scumbags.

  5. Winston Smith says:

    Again, why aren’t people shooting these things? I really don’t understand.
    To sound like the old fart that I am, these things wouldn’t have existed 2 weekends when I was a kid.

    • Aesop says:

      ^^That, right there.

      They tried traffic cams in Rome ’bout a decade ago.

      Within two weeks, they were all “missing”.

      That was the last time they tried that idea.

    • Clair says:

      No Shit!! But none of these worthless kids now days has the mentality or the nuts to do something like that. WAIT! Maybe the kids today think the cameras are GOOD!

      I’m glad I flushed all mine. Kids that is. They all turned commie, they are all dead to me now. OK, here’s what ya have to do. Pull your plates. Or fling mud on your back plate so no camera can read it. If you want to get serious you could two-tone your vehicle with some tempra paints (check Hobby Lobby, they will know what to sell you so it washes off).
      Then use a 410 shotgun and blow the lights outta those cameras.

  6. pigpen51 says:

    I live in MI, and have not seen them yet, but you can bet that if it works, they will come. Just like the changing speed limits for speed traps. Or the DUI checkstop. I have never gotten stopped for one, but you can bet I would not be cooperative. There are enough real criminals out there, that they should focus on them, and not on innocent drivers just so they can make their daily quota of tickets. Everyone needs to fight their tickets. Make it unprofitable for them to haul the officers in on their day off, pay them time and a half, just to try and collect their 75$. Big Brother is getting too big for his britches. It might be time to let him know that the constitution is still the law of the land, no matter what they might think.

  7. Greg says:


    I heard about this on my local radio station. Blew my coffee on the windshield. Ultimate trolling.

  8. J says:

    “I hope people don’t perceive this as ‘Big Brother,’ ” Wichita police Sgt. Kelly O’Brien said”

    The Level of Stupidity and Insult in this Statement is beyond Comprehension.

    Fuck You Traitor!!!! FUUUUUUCk you, and your Ilk!

  9. Phssthpok says:

    “I hope people don’t perceive this as ‘Big Brother,’ ” Wichita police Sgt. Kelly O’Brien said.

    Am I the only one to see the irony in this?

    From Wikipedia:

    “Smith’s attempts at self-education and rebellion are ultimately quashed when he is arrested by O’Brien of the Ministry of Love (or Miniluv), which is tasked with arresting and torturing dissidents and is forced into the horror chamber Room 101.”

  10. Steve says:

    It’s not Big Brother, or “improving traffic safety”; it’s the profit that the city can reap without effort from themselves. American Traffic Solutions, although not mentioned in this article, has made a very profitable business ticketing drivers, under a scheme (I won’t dignify it with the name, contract) arranged with the city where they keep 30% of the ticket, and give the rest to the city gov’t.

    In my city, the legislators had already written the $Millions into the projected city budget, and were very offended when the State Supreme Court said that the tickets were illegal because the camera operators weren’t law enforcement officials appointed by the city. So the city has lobbied the state to “fix” that by writing a law making 3rd party camera operators legal.

    Of course, the other revenue generator is traffic tickets, like this example where 3/4 of the town’s budget was funded by speeding tickets on interstate motorists. Of course, they are hardly the only example.

  11. MrTweell says:

    After cameras were installed in my town, a fellow dressed up as Santa and spray painted the lenses. Ho Ho Ho! The town eventually gave up.

  12. headin' for the border says:

    “Don’t perceive this as Big Brother watching” ,what a crock! Cops pull all sorts of bullshit spying on the public but have you ever noticed how pissed they get when being filmed doing pull-overs or making arrests? Most of them are corrupt.

  13. Robert the Biker says:

    How are you allowed to have hearsay evidence, which is what this is?

  14. ExpatNJ says:

    Overseas, there are REAL patriots who don’t tolerate this kind of cr@p. Here’s just one story:

    “Belgium, France: Speed Cameras Painted, Burned
    Vigilantes in Belgium and France used white paint and gasoline to disable and destroy a pair of speed cameras. In Ghent, Belgium, a man began carefully painting over the lenses of the speed camera on Sleepstraat in broad daylight. A passerby used a cellphone to record the man as he walked around the automated ticketing machine holding a bucket of white paint and a paint roller. Video was posted on YouTube. In Louisfert, France, vigilantes destroyed speed camera on the RD771 by burning it to the ground, Ouest France reported. Same device had previously been burned in May 2016.”

    [I advise y’all to bookmark this website. It is associated with the National Motorists Association, a drivers’ advocacy group, and keeps tabs on Police-State activity, laws, etc.]

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