Can anybody ID this gun?

From a reader:

A friend at work would like ID and valuation on some guns.
He sent me 3 pics but I believe 2 are from same gun and one is different.
The two appear to be from a Remington rolling block sporting rifle, the other some sort of shotgun. Unless my fucked up vision is in error and they are from the same gun…
Any help would be appreciated.
I just don’t want him to get fucked on value by someone. He’s not a “gun guy” and they were handed down on his wife’s side. No sentimental value.

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17 Responses to Can anybody ID this gun?

  1. Slick says:

    Shotgun looks to be a Stevens 311

  2. John Eperjesi says:

    The shotgun, last picture, seems to be a Lefever side by side shot gun. Here’s a link to a picture.

  3. JeremyR says:

    The rifle looks to be a Remington #6. Value depends on caliber. I paid just over $100 for mine. It is a .22 gallery rifle.

  4. Doug says:

    Remington Hepburn rifle at the top. Quite valuable.

    • Elmo says:

      I could get a sentimental attachment to that rifle real quick. Like about 5 seconds quick.

    • Forestar says:

      Definitely a Remington Hepburn, also called a Model #3. I’ve had a couple pass though my hands. About a year ago, WC posted a pic of an old western woman holding one while posing with a dead mile deer. Don’t know about the 3rd pic.

  5. Don in Oregon says:

    Looks like a GE induction surface cooktop, no collector value.

  6. Joe Blow says:

    If you’d like to get a wealth of some truly well informed opinions, I’d suggest heading over to another of my favorite sites on the interwebs, that I’m sure you would like also:

    I’m sure you would get along famously with the folks there, I know I have. Introduce yourself there and I’ll say “hi”.

  7. David Lawson says:

    If you want to sell it. Just let me know & maybe we can work something out!

  8. Kiss Mass says:

    One of the millions of guns our betters are trying to remove from our possession.
    Hang onto our God given right to be free people with arms and don’t yield this right to our government that is trying to remove our freedom.
    God Bless and enjoy that gorgeous rifle.

  9. you should ask harry flashman at ‘selfsufficientmountain living.blogspot’.
    he is a collector, a marine, and worked in a gun shop.

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