Dumb bitch

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said in an interview on Wednesday that it has become more “politically acceptable” to air racist views in the age of President Trump.

“I think there are people who are, unfortunately, kind of reverting back to rather virulent attitudes about race in part because I think that it’s become ‘politically acceptable,’ no longer politically correct to try to overcome our own feelings that often block us from seeing each other as fellow human beings,” Clinton said on the “Hugh Hewitt Show.”


That shit started under Obama and it was Blacks that were doing it against Whites.
Why doesn’t this dumbass crawl under a fucking rock and die? And why hasn’t Trump locked her ass up like he promised when he was campaigning?

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  1. Djamer says:

    And WHY do we have to keep seeing this ugly devilbitch, and hearing and reading what this dumb loser murdering lesbian cunt says?

  2. Sunny says:

    ” And why hasn’t Trump locked her ass up like he promised when he was campaigning?”

    Exactly what I’ve been wondering. But each time I bring this up on a forum I belong to the trumpsters exclaim ‘Give him time! He’s working behind the scenes. etc’
    He needs to do what he said he would do. And not 10 years from now either.

    • Max says:

      I reckon the charges have to be water tight. All of the corruption and inhumane acts needs to be unearthed. 100 plus sealed indictments are applied for. It’s the apparent links of her associates, to people smuggling/ organ harvesting that she will be remembered for. It’s my firm belief, her and the collaborative subhuman filth she runs with, are all going to get taken down, to as where the journals of history will record her for the pathetic human dross that she is .. From what I have read , Putin set the trap and her greed lead her straight into it… Have faith . There is a lot going on behind the scenes apparently , from drug labs bombed in A/stan to bankers choppers falling from the sky …the mopping up has started at the bottom and is moving up as the roaches squeal… …Mate – IT’S ON ! I honestly hope so. I hope I’m not misinformed, as I don’t use/ validate MSM for any information.

  3. Roger says:

    She’ll never get locked up. No way No how.
    You gotta remember two things. First, she is a top level member in good standing of the establishment swamp network. They all work together to maintain their power and money. They just make it LOOK like they are doing something.
    Second. The old truism: Things are DIFFERENT when you are a dimocrat. Laws do NOT apply to you. Social morality is held in abeyance for you. You are not only authorized but required to lie, cheat, sneak, obfuscate, mislead and her favorite “mis-speak”. The press loves you and covers for you.
    Finally, if it were not for double standards, dimocrats would have no standards at all.
    Color me more than disgusted with washington and it’s corrupt inhabitants.

  4. Bud says:

    I would dearly love it if someone snuck a micro video camera into HildaBeasts house & recorded her vile unhinged rantings & railings. instant viral download on the web, priceless.

  5. que? luis says:

    fuck Hillary Clinton

  6. Bacon says:

    “That shit started under Obama…”

    Disagree. That shit started LONG before obummer. What he did was seriously escalate it.
    Classic Alinsky: obummer picked the target (us!), froze it, personallized it and polarized it.
    That’s how we wound up with the “rather virulent attitudes about race” she helped create.

  7. bob says:

    It has always been my opinion that the worst of the enemies of freedom are the mass media. I expect politicians to be, at some degree, dishonest. But the mass media are treasonous. Charged with watching the gates, they let the enemy run wild.

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