He must be best buds with CharlieGodammit

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9 Responses to He must be best buds with CharlieGodammit

  1. woodsterman says:

    Do you think the NBA would notice?

  2. warhorse says:

    I had a dog, Last Chance, who loved frisbees. he once caught the frisbee, put it down upside down, then started spinning like he was looking for a place to go. well he dropped one right in the damn frisbee, then picked it up and delivered the whole thing to me, turd and all.

    I couldn’t get mad at him. damn dog had been through enough. 2 guys had a bet that they could turn a golden retriever mean. so they bought a puppy, and over 2 years beat him, starved him, shot him with a BB gun, and hit him in the head with a ballpeen hammer so hard it caved in the skull over his eye.

    damn dog never stopped being a typical golden. friendly, happy to see anyone and everyone. the kingston,NH dog officer finally found out about him and rescued him. he was about 1/4 of the weight he should have been, and those assholes hadn’t even given him a name so she called him “last chance”.

    • Elmo says:

      Hopefully those ‘2 guys’ will be meeting Charlie Manson soon, if they haven’t already.

      • warhorse says:

        I offered to help them make the trip, but the dog officer said she was first in line on that one.

      • Ace Rimmer says:

        Those “two guys” are the “arms” of the arm chair to which Satan has Charley Manson strapped down whilst awaiting his pineapple fitting.

  3. rolldog says:

    My dog likes to either pee or drop a deuce in a pile of raked leaves. I NEVER let her around where I have raked leaves.

  4. que? luis says:

    Well, “no nuts” ( CGD )ain’t got nothing to rub with.

  5. ed357 says:

    Too bad it’s not a nfl football.

  6. Brother Mark says:

    In the late 60’s into the 70’s we had 2 family dogs. Princess was a wirehair terrier mix that was hell on cats, rodents and groundhogs. The added dog was Spanky, a 100% Irish setter that ran, and raced, ran and would catch birds right out of the air then let them go. They had beds in the basement and spent nights down there for a few years until they grew out of the puppy antics. The terrier was paper trained and the setter was trained to go outside. The setter HATED being on lockdown and would shred the newspapers into little pieces. The terrier would place a turd on a little 2″ x 3″ piece of those shredded papers because she wanted to be a good dog.

    Funny some of the things that stick with you. Sure do miss all of the old dogs. In my heaven you get your dogs back. Gets a little dusty in here just thinking about it.

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