Jim Nabors dead at 87

Jim Nabors, who starred in the massive ’60s hit, ‘Gomer Pyle,’ died Thursday.
Nabors became famous as the bumbling mechanic on “The Andy Griffith Show” and then went on to do his own show, which ran for 5 years.

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15 Responses to Jim Nabors dead at 87

  1. Elmo says:

    A class act. His Wikipedia page is worth a read.
    RIP, Gomer.

  2. Padawan says:

    Okay…this one stings. A lot.

  3. Westcoaster says:

    Being a Hoosier by birth, it always brought a tear to my eye when Jim sang that song before every Indy 500. Go in peace, Jim. You’re one of the good ones!

  4. Sail Man says:

    I guess he’s really gone back home again. RIP

  5. Crabby says:

    Excellent singer and actor. Did he die from bad meat in the can? (AIDS reference)

  6. LFMayor says:

    He went straight at the end. Probably not…

  7. Brad says:

    I remember an episode of Gomer Pyle, perhaps the first time when I saw him sing…He was late for a show to perform, and all I remember was his goofy, southern twang…and then he sang…jeez, I almost fell off my chair, remarkable seein I was a 10 year old kid…RIP, Jim, ya done good…

  8. ChuckN says:

    That’s too bad. I love watching shows like Gomer Pyle with my little brother
    and kid nieces and nephews.

  9. JVossos says:

    He WAS a class act. That is was gay is not a biggie with the man, he didn’t put it in your face .. he kept his personal life pretty much in house. He was wholesome entertainment … Unlike the current swath of knob gobblers, Kevin Spacy for example. RIP Jimbo.

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