Maverick Arms recall

Maverick Arms has discovered that a small number of Maverick Hunter™ Over/Under 12-gauge shotguns (SKU 75445) have been marked incorrectly. The chamber marking indicates that these shotguns are chambered for 3 ½” shells, however, the chambers are manufactured for 2 ¾” and 3” shells.
All Maverick Hunter™ shotguns are manufactured with 3” chambers, not 3 ½” chambers. Firing 3 ½” shot shells through these shotguns may cause an increase in chamber pressure, which may result in damage to your shotgun and/or severe personal injury if a barrel should rupture as a result of excess pressure.


You can fit a 3 1/2″ shell into a 3″ chamber?

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8 Responses to Maverick Arms recall

  1. Chris Mallory says:

    I don’t have any 3 1/2″ shells to check, but a 12 gauge 2 3/4″ shell with a star crimp is only 2 1/2″ long before it is fired. I had some Czech shells with a lip and plastic “lid” and they were fairly true to the 2 3/4″ measurement right out of the box. I have some 2 1/2″ shells that measure 2″ before being fired.

    So it might be possible to fit a 3 1/2″ in a 3″ chamber.

    • Wirecutter says:

      The only shotgun I own is my 40 year old 870 Wingmaster in 2 3/4. I’ve never tried to put a 3″ shell in it.

      • Tsquared says:

        A 3″ shell will fit but it will jam after after you shoot it. The spent shell will not fit the ejection port.

        What happens with a DB if over sized shells are shot is that the barrels start to split. That is providing the receiver doesn’t blow out.

  2. Spin Drift says:

    Yes, the length refers to the shell length after the crimp is unfolded. It might also take a little tap from a hammer. YMMV

  3. Bob says:

    Yes you can fit a 3.5 inch cartridge in almost any 3 inch shotgun as the chamber is designed with room for the plastic shell to open and allow the wad to pass.

  4. taminator013 says:

    You can fit a 3 1/2″ shell into a 3″ chamber?

    Yes, the length of the shell signifies the fired hull length, so it will fit before it’s fired, but will not be able to open wide enough on firing, greatly increasing the chamber pressure………………..

    • Chet says:

      My Mossberg 500 12 Gauge has taken everything I have fed it. I like shooting BB shot and most of the time the shells are longer than the engraved Maximum shell length on the barrel. I can’t recall the measurements at the moment…but if I am over pressuring the barrel, it has shown no distress. And this has been going on since about 1980.

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