MN Three Percent Manages to Dig the Hole Deeper

For some reason, people cannot stay away from the media. It’s like the attention is such a siren song they can’t control themselves. You’ve got Christian Yingling up in PA, who never met a camera he didn’t want to get in front of. You’ve got the vast ocean of stupid that was Malheur, as well as the months of drama, attention-seeking and donation-begging from a few notable folks in the so-called patriot groups. And now you have yet another exhibit in the ongoing Case Against Liberty-Minded Folk with this bunch of twits from Minnesota Three Percent under the “United Patriots” banner.

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2 Responses to MN Three Percent Manages to Dig the Hole Deeper

  1. B says:

    You gotta think the dude is a Fed or a plant anyway….seems that at least 1 out of three III%ers is a plant, a Fed, or an informer. Why should we think this dude is anything but a plant to make ’em look bad?

  2. Tom W. says:

    Caught this at WRSA. “Vast Ocean of Stupid” is spot on.

    Its simple if you try

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