Now THAT is fucked up

A salesman escaped a driving ban because he was too drunk to take a second breath test.
Michael Camp had wet himself and was found to be three-and-a-half times over the limit when he was pulled over by police.
They had spotted his car weaving down a road in Spalding, Lincolnshire, in November 2015.
He was taken to a police station for a second breath test, but was unsteady on his feet and collapsed while trying four times to blow into an intoximeter machine, meaning he couldn’t give a sample.
-Kenny the Scot

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7 Responses to Now THAT is fucked up

  1. David L. says:

    So…take his drunk ass to the hospital and do a blood draw. A warrant would be a cinch.

  2. 1980XLS says:

    Blood Tests?

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    A similar incident occurred in Ireland about 15 years ago. A woman crashed her Land Rover into a telephone pole in County Cork. The Irish police (Garda) tried to get her convicted for DWI, but her lawyer argued the police stated that after the crash her vehicle was so damaged it could not be driven. therefore when the cops found the babe she wasn’t in control of an operable vehicle…..NOT GUILTY per the Judge.

  4. Kenny the Scot says:

    I remember one guy at an AA meeting talking about his performing days. He’d lost the plot altogether at this point. He flew out to Israel and told the security people at the airport that there was a giant machine in the sky spying on them … let’s just say the story didn’t have a happy ending.

    Another guy had a part time job with an undertaker. They got a call out and arrived at the home. He was upstairs with the corpse and the undertaker was talking with the widow downstairs. He decided to try to move the body across to the edge of the bed so they could get the poor bastard lifted up and out the bedroom & downstairs.

    When he hauled the body over the bed in his drunken condition, he missed with his foot on the edge of the bed, fall down between the bed and the radiator and pulled the corpse down on top of him, face down. The undertaker & the widow heard a great big thump on the floor above, followed by a roar: “GET AFF ME!”

    According to the story, the boy was lying on the floor looking into the face of the body, totally stuck and he heard the footsteps of the undertaker thundering up the stairs at maximum speed, the bedroom door bursting open and the undertaker shouting out, “WHAT THE FUCK!”

    Aye, I got some great stories at AA.

    But the absolute pinnacle of drunken escapades is the entire body of work of Dan Fante. Starting with “Chump Change”.

    Just click on “Look Inside” and read the beginning …

    • Robert says:

      Oh, wow. Like a Travis McGee novel except with too much alcohol and no ambition, Local library has three of his novels. All three are on my list to read. Thanks.

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