Oh, fuck you

SAN MARCOS, Calif. — A “Whiteness Forum” at Cal State San Marcos on Tuesday prominently displayed 14 poster boards detailing different ways in which students say whiteness in America oppresses people of color and society.

For 15 years and “going strong,” this annual forum has taken place as a part of Professor Dreama Moon’s “Communication of Whiteness” course, the scholar said as she kicked off the two-hour event inside a large multipurpose room.

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  1. rayvet says:

    Did not click the link or read article just your intro but let me postulate something. We’re heading for a war. A civil war. It will be race based. We know who will win. Now I’m not advocating for it, but let me say, when it’s over, things in this country will be a lot better because of its end results. Now my advice for anyone living in urban areas (we call them hives where I live). If you’re going to stay and not evacuate, have plenty of weapons (preferably scary black ones) and ammo up. I think within a few years this event is likely to occur due to the constant poking of the white man that’s been happening.

  2. Jared says:

    My skin is brown and I want to crush the enemy, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women.

    • Jim Bob says:

      It depends on who may an enemy to you. As far as brown skin, I had German parents which makes me Saxon I suppose. Your heritage is Spanish and some Native Indian. I’ve had two wives from Mexican heritage and both are harder working and more freedom loving than lots of Anglo-Saxon I know. So if your enemies are the same as mine, you are welcome as hell.

  3. Mike says:

    I am proud to trace my lineage back to some of the finest warrior races human kind has known.
    I do not feel sorry and I will not capitulate, and if forced I will resurrect some of my races former “bad habits”.
    It has been a long standing tradition of the western warrior to name weapons and machines after notable and worthy adversaries so they will be remembered.
    so if you were conquered and nothing was named after you… well history will forget your name too.

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    The interesting part is the White Guilt Libs are organizing this shit. The Brothas and sistas are just taking a free ride on the soul train.

    Maybe these college assholes will take a clue from the NFL players and will offer the College establishment a deal. $100 million to keep ’em quiet.

  5. Tsgt Joe says:

    You have to ask yourself who benefits from this racial turmoil. Is there racism/ sexism , sure there is. The major forms have been legislated against. As for groups favoring their own, that’s going to happen as long as there are people. People stereotype, everybody does it. Man= doctor, woman = nurse, pisses off a couple of woman doctors I know. I used to believe that we were striving for racial equity, it’s become very clear we aren’t. most of my family and friends are liberals ( I was too till about 15 years ago.) and don’t see the racism of the Democrats policies. It’s much easier to look outward at conservatives and pick at them cause ” they don’t care like us” rather than look at the failed policies of the left. Most republicans don’t hate minorities, Carry your share of the load we’ll get along fine.

  6. C.R. says:

    So,what do you suppose would happen if someone had a “Blackness forum”? People could sit down and complain about all of the bullshit flowing out of the inner cities . Lets talk about Crime,welfare fraud ,violence , lack of motivation, lack of education low morals, no personal responsibility , and on and on… But THAT would be racist

  7. Brother Antony says:

    Even from this side of the pond it is not at all difficult to see what is going to happen and what the eventual outcome will be.

    Go for it, cousins, because we can’t. We’ve let the bastards disarm us to the point where only our Feds, the feral, criminal blacks and the Muslim savages are armed and whites are permitted to carry nothing more lethal than a 2 &1/2 inch non-locking blade.

    We have probably lost it, but you could carry our collective genetic code into the future, God willing, and this old man’s prayers go with you.

  8. John Deaux says:

    SMH. Down here in deep south La we are a diverse bunch, mutts I guess you could say,. Some kinda way we find a way to be polite and get along with each other. There are pockets of places to stay away from but we all know where they are and stay away.
    Every time some dumbshit like this comes out on the news I just wonder kinda shithole place it’s coming from cause things ain’t great here but we smile and hold the door for each other and wish each other a good day no matter what the shade your skin may be.

  9. strnj1 says:

    The intelligence level spews out of most of this trash, like calling Africa a “Country.”

    All you have to do is read where the majority of D.C. students didn’t attend 6 weeks of high school and were still admitted to colleges to understand the problem…

    It’s not just D.C….

  10. bettysteve says:

    dammit, thanks for the reminder, three damned days and l haven’t even THOUGHT about oppressing a minority, my white supremacy is really slipping….

    • Tsgt Joe says:

      Don’t worry bettysteve, you haven’t let down the team. Due to our “unbearable whiteness of being” we don’t have to DO oppression we ARE oppression

  11. Jason in KT says:

    Used to live in San Marcos. The Cal State location is one (very small) step above a community college.

  12. Gryphon says:

    I use This on libtards all the Time: “White Men put the Footprints on the Moon. No Other Race was Capable of doing this the First Time.” >Heads Explode<

    There is No Way for them to weasel out of This Truth… Along with Electricity, the Internet, and pretty much Everything Else Mechanical.

    And in the past 38 Years in Aviation, I think I've met half the Guys who Did It, including a lot of the German Rocket Scientists who Built the Stuff..

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