Oh shit, they’re trying to breed

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Living a gluten-free life can be challenging, especially in a world where gluten-soaked foods are just about everywhere. At GlutenfreeSingles, you are not alone!

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13 Responses to Oh shit, they’re trying to breed

  1. anonymous says:

    “Hi – we just joined Facebook !! Woo Hoo !! These photos are of my gluten free wife and kids and our gluten free dog. The cat is on time out – it ate some glutens and that is a no-no in our family . . . ”

    Ummmm . . . . yeah no nothing for me to see here . . .

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    I did a little bit of research on this subject after I started to see “Gluten Free”
    labels all over the supermarket shelves. I hit the Internet and discovered that
    there was a rare condition called Celiac Disease. Next trip to the supermarket
    I then noticed the same label on products that have no grains in them. Holy
    shit, the label was on a freaking can of Rosarita Refried Beans!

    I then learned what this was all about. A medical doctor was interviewed on
    a radio talk show. There is a class of people who have been diagnosed as
    “Gluten Intolerant” just to get them the fuck out of their doctors offices. This
    condition is primarily a crutch for overweight housewives.

    On a personal note, I know one of these women. She is the sister of a life long
    friend and a woman I once loved. She ripped my heart out with a a rusty butter-
    knife several decades ago. She was a flat chested anorexic plain Jane. Fast
    forward to a few years ago. I reconnected with her brother and she now weighs
    a buck-fifty and her boobs they are a saggin’. Did I mention she is about the
    same height as Laura Ingraham?

    I treated her and her brother to a meal at the Olive Garden. Of course, she
    ordered “Gluten free” noodles. I then had the pleasure of seeing this neurotic
    hypocondriac wolf down enough chow to feed a bull Elephant. She was a
    mercinary gold digger who became the second wife of an Aussie businessman.
    She is now the ex wife of a failed Aussie businessman who now has a 20
    something Chinese third wife.

    And to top it all off, she is now engaged to a butt-ugly tattooed bulldike. I am
    not a religious man, but at times I am tempted to thank God for allowing me
    to dodge this bullet!

  3. fjord says:

    that’s a good idea. concentrate all the people who specialize in advanced naval gazing together

    maybe they’ll leave us alone.

  4. Bacon says:

    I usually keep my bread dough simple — flour, water, yeast, and salt. But in honor of all those gluten-free folks (for reasons other than celiac disease), I think I’ll go out tomorrow and buy a 50 lb. sack of gluten, to enhance my bread dough.

    I’m pleased to live “in a world where gluten-soaked foods are just about everywhere”!!!

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    Gluten bad, peanuts bad, ADHD,, etc. Jesus H. Christ these poor kids today are up against it.

    I’m glad I grew up in the early 1950’s when we only had the relatively harmless Polio to deal with.

  6. Winston Smith says:

    Not a problem. The next Reset will see the last of them.

  7. sk6actual says:

    Well I’m sure not gonna’ bite into that … (snickers)

  8. hey! luis says:

    I’m starting a TittyLovingSingles” group.

  9. Andrew says:

    My wife has Celiacs. We worked really hard 20 years ago to try to find food for her to eat. Really sucked having to ask a restaurant what seasonings they put on their steaks.

    What? Seasonings? Yeah, a lot of products contain ‘modified food starch’ which used to be primarily gluten-containing wheat. So that steak seasoning with MFS had enough gluten to shut my wife’s little colon fingers (celia in the intestines) down. Eat a crouton? Complete system stop.

    So, yeah, there are a lot of fucking posers and assholes out there. Fortunately for us, as she can now shop and eat food not from the fucking granola fucking asshole vegan mart. Fuck, I hate those granola munching fuckers like almost nothing else. (Yeah, I used to go to fucking McDonalds and eat their cheap assed burgers before shopping at the local vegan-marts just so I could beef fart those assholes.)

  10. Sanders says:

    All I know is that when I cut grains out of my diet, I quit getting heartburn.

    When I drink a wheat beer or eat anything with wheat in it, the heartburn returns.

    I don’t know if it is the gluten, or not.

    • fjord says:

      Yes! Same.

      I believe its a gut bacteria thing.

    • Bacon says:

      That’s easy to test for Sanders. Eat a grain-free diet for a while, then try eating grains containing gluten, OTHER than wheat, such as rye or spelt. If you get heartburn again, it’s probably the gluten. If you don’t, it’s something else.

      If you decide to try this, you’ll get better results if you buy a brand that markets itself to people with sensitivities. It costs a bit more but what you’re paying for is their effort to avoid cross-contamination with wheat or wheat products.

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