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“MUSH, er….. MUD!!!”

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Gotta get comfy

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Good morning

Mt Ranier – I’d recognize it anywhere. Both times we lived in Washington, we had a beautiful view of it from the dining room window.

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You hear that, Luis?

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Probably frigid

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Gotta work with what you got

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Summer Vacation

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Black Self-Sabotage

The educational achievement of white youngsters is nothing to write home about, but that achieved by blacks is nothing less than disgraceful. Let’s look at a recent example of an educational outcome all too common. In 2016, in 13 of … Continue reading

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Hmmm, the ax should’ve worked

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Another one bites the dust

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Garrison Keillor, the former host of “A Prairie Home Companion,” says he’s been fired by Minnesota Public Radio over allegations of improper behavior. Keillor told The Associated Press of his firing in an email. In a follow-up … Continue reading

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Hauling Ass

  Wait, here’s another groaner: Polecat

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Vikings Season 5

Don’t forget, Season 5 starts tonight at 8 PM Central on the History Channel.

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The Honolulu Police Department is ordering medical marijuana cardholders to surrender their firearms within a 30-day window of time. KITV reports that Honolulu police are doing this via letters to cardholders demanding they “surrender weapons, permits, and ammunition to HPD … Continue reading

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“Sorry ’bout that, man”


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City folks…..

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Pothole – we need a pothole here

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What the hell?

A man accused of using scissors to mutilate his ex-girlfriend’s breasts was sentenced Tuesday to 45 years in prison, the maximum sentence possible. Tony Deval Ledbetter, 46, was arrested in October 2016 when he called 911 after he assaulted the … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren’s Maternal Ancestors

She claims to have Indian blood through her mother so that side of her family is shown here. All were always found in all records as white. They were never found in any Cherokee records or listed as Indian. The … Continue reading

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New tests at Jesus’s presumed tomb back traditional beliefs

Scientific testing at what is believed to be Jesus’s tomb dates material there to the fourth century, supporting traditional beliefs surrounding the site, an expert involved in the study said on Tuesday. The study offers no further evidence whether or … Continue reading

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