Pretty damned good advice if you ask me

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  1. Elmo says:

    Ah, the beauty of an agrarian lifestyle. The Founders knew of it’s value.

  2. whynot says:

    We started the kid by child-proofing our house but once we started going to other people’s houses, we rapidly figured out to “house-proof” our child……then we didn’t have to worry about all the other issues……there was 1 friend that child was unable to visit, once we found out dad’s friends were coming over doing drugs…..that child was always welcome at our house and would come frequently, even spending the night. I hope we were a positive influence…..

  3. FormerFlyer says:

    As a parent, it is not your job to raise good kids. Your only job is to raise great adults.

  4. fjord says:

    We used to buy show calves from kids who raise them for the fair. One year this mother pulled us aside and asked us not to tell her kid where his feeder steer was going to end up.

    That 4H club and those parents failed that kid.

  5. Geoff R says:

    You can prep your kids,but only so far.You can never explain gold diggin’,entitled scum bag women to a son in love,it always ends badly.Ken,all your women commenters don’t need be offended,I,m sure they know a few.Before anyone shoots back,I know it works both ways.

  6. I raise about 25-30 Broad Breasted Bronze turkey each year. By the time I get through wading thru the shit from day one till butchering time, I have to convince myself that all that shit stays on the outside after they are plucked and gutted.!

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