Ruby Ridge, Waco, and The Swamp

As one alternate juror put it, “I felt like a little kid that finds out there is no Santa Claus.” This was the remark of one citizen who observed testimony and other evidence arising from the 1992 Ruby Ridge incident, in which an innocent woman and her 14-year-old son were ambushed and gunned down by federal agents over what was, at worst, a minor infraction that could easily have been remedied without violence.

Then, in the following year, the Waco incident proved, once again, that there is no government Santa Claus. Seventy-six men, women, and children were killed in a fire started by the improper use of tear gas by federal agents after four of the agents were killed trying to gain forced entry to the building housing the targeted cult members. Yet the cult leader could easily have been arrested in prior days, when he had voluntarily visited the federal office to which he had been summoned.

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4 Responses to Ruby Ridge, Waco, and The Swamp

  1. pjrae1954 says:

    Probably just as well that the Clinton Death List isn’t being cited in this article. As it is, it’s more than 100 strong and putting the Waco victims on it would only encourage doubters saying that so many deaths is ridiculous.

    • crazyeighter says:

      And by the most amazing co-inky-dink, two of the agents killed at the initial siege at Waco were former Clinton bodyguards.

  2. John h. says:

    Why hasnt anyone asked for the autopsy results on the victims at vegas?? The bullet trajectory alone would settle any argument of multiple shooters. No bullet levels off in flight. Shots under armpits dint occur either that i know of?? Just thinkin out loud here.
    John h.

  3. Elmo says:

    The Bundys and Hammonds won’t be available for comment ’til visiting day.
    LaVoy Finicum won’t be available for comment… ever.

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