Semper Fi

An 83-year-old retired Marine kept a promise he made to a fellow officer while they were hunkered down in a bunker during the Vietnam War.
Retired Marine Master Sgt. William H. Cox and Retired Marine First Sgt. James ‘Hollie’ Hollingsworth were shielding themselves from rockets and mortars in 1968 as they were fighting in the Marble Mountains during the war on New Year’s Eve.
The two men, who were strangers to each other, had decided if they made it out of the bunker and survived the war, they would contact each other every New Year’s Eve.
For the next five decades they kept that promise – every New Year’s Eve they would catch up.
Earlier this year, Cox traveled from Piedmont, South Carolina, to see Hollingsworth, 80, in Hephzibah, Georgia.
The 83-year-old made the trip so that he could say goodbye to his dear friend who was dying.

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9 Responses to Semper Fi

  1. John Deaux says:

    First Sgt Hollingsworth and Master Sgt Cox,
    Well done Marine
    Thank you both for your service
    When the time comes,
    Rest in Peace to both of you

  2. Gregbee says:

    Thanks for posting that Wisco. Those are two heroes who didn’t take a knee and deserve all of our respect.

  3. My best friend, I met in the Marines in 1973. We lost touch for a while and reconnected a few years ago. We catch up on the phone every couple of months. Some friendships are meant to last forever.

    • whynot says:

      And it doesn’t seem to matter the time passed…..its like we were just talking yesterday…..I was a FF…..I was a groomsman at one of my good friends (fellow FF), and he at mine…..28 years later, we reconnected and the conversation that followed was just like the ending of our last conversation….28 years ago……the kids are grown and gone….time to reconnect with those who shared experiences that 99% will never know…….Love you Dan

  4. MMinLamesa says:

    I swear, the drywall I’m finishing in the front room is pretty damn dusty

  5. Sunny says:

    God bless both of these men!

  6. realspark21 says:


    On a side note: Everyone, please email UK Dailymail and thank them for having better US Domestic news coverage than all the major US News outlets.

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