The dreaded chainsaw bayo… WHAT THE FUCK???

Any time a tragedy occurs, the media twists it into an opportunity ripe for leftist idiocy. The Texas shooting is proving to be no exception. We’ve seen a lot of stupid (see [Video] MSNBC Reporter Goes Off on Gun Silencers. Makes Herself Look Like an Idiot…), but this USA Today video? It takes the cake.

Watch this and pray your IQ comes out unscathed:

Click MORE, then click on the one that says “Texas Church Gunman’s AR-15”, not the one in the MSNBC link.

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15 Responses to The dreaded chainsaw bayo… WHAT THE FUCK???

  1. scott says:

    WTF? i gotta get me one of them thar bayonet add ons lol

  2. Will says:

    Video blocked by NBC

  3. vorkosigan says:

    Who knew USA Today gets their firearms knowledge from Gears of War gameplay? Suprisingly, they did not show “bump stock” as one of the modifications. Tsk, tsk–you missed one of the current talking points in the demonization of the AR-15. Gotta get me one of those underbarrel flamethrowers or a velociraptor launcher for my rifle–those possums is getting pesky.

  4. Jared says:

    Squid launcher! Oh yeah!

  5. Free Citizen says:

    What a bunch of BS–we have come to expect that from the media, but the folks that believe it….Gott im Himmel I would write more but I’m looking for that chainsaw bayonet

  6. M. Sage says:

    And the “base model” stock isn’t a 6 position telescoping type? The “base” hand guard isn’t “heat resistant”? Been a while since I’ve taken old-school round hand guards off (or actually even handled something so retro as to have them installed), but I recall them having sheet metal under them.

    The underbarrel 12 gauge? Yep, something I’ve never run into at the range, and I’ve been on range with shit like an M134, a Maxim, Boyes AT rifle (which I got to shoot!), M79 (with chalk rounds, but still)… I mean, it’s NFA and basically useless.

    Oh, no! Not another ten rounds in the magazine! I mean, that church can only hold 50 people…

  7. DW says:

    It’s about time they make a chainsaw bayonet. I have gone through several thousand rounds, numerous regular bayonets and a couple of barrels trying to take down that darn oak in the back yard.

    • crazyeighter says:

      The suppressor for that bayonet will be much cheaper and won’t need a $220 stamp.

  8. pigpen51 says:

    I was hoping for the infamous shoe string machine gun modification, that the BATFE’s determined is illegal. My common sense hurts now.

  9. Sambo says:

    I need to make a anti-bullshit launcher that shoots a big cork into stupid libtards mouths. That way they will choke on there own bullshit

  10. Sabre22 says:

    You can’t fix stupid. You would think after all this time they would bother to become informed before opening their pie-holes. OH thats rights liberals know everything already.

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