Wait til you get the li’l screamer home, stud

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  1. Tom W. says:

    Yup. The first 90 days. Little rascal is just an eatin, poopin, pissin, sleepin, screamin 24/7 center of attention. There are some cool and memorable moments along the way to be sure.

    Remember those times like it was yesterday.

    Now he’s 22.

  2. Yep. That is the smile of not knowing. I looked a lot like that when my 1st was born 12+ years ago. I looked a lot different when my 4th was born, 4+ years ago. The smile was gone, and replaced by a look of exhausted defeat. I dearly love my kids, but they do pretty much remove one’s ability to smile. I think that childless (men) tend to be happier than fathers, but I also think that fathers have a feeling of fulfillment that no one without kids can understand. When my son impresses me, I have a sense of pride in him that I never could have in myself. My children are not yet old enough to crush my spirit too–I know that is coming soon with the oldest, though.

  3. fjord says:

    And this is why women have a huge rush of hormones during and after pregnancy.Maternal instinct overrides that impulse to kill it.

  4. John Deaux says:

    It isn’t all that bad, yeah there’s feeding and changing diapers but there’s the joy of watching the little one grow, crawl, walk, talk.
    It’s worth a few sleepless nights, every damn one of them.

  5. Booger says:

    It’s all good until they get their drivers license

    • I’d say that varies with the kid and the parent. I got a lot closer with my dad after I got out of the early teen years. We started to bond over cars and target shooting and discussions of politics and religion. We didn’t always agree, but we were able to keep our disagreements polite and it made of exciting conversation. I am pretty sure things will go south with at least one of my kids, though.

  6. Padawan says:

    Mine was pretty good. He only fussed when he was hungry and slept through the night from almost the very beginning. He’s16 now.

  7. Worth it but if that’s a boy move your face or cover the arty.

  8. DanB says:

    Put this in perspective – your earlier post about “Grandpas”!

  9. kennymac says:

    That kid doesn’t have a pair of hockey skates on yet? Bad parenting, obviously.

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