Watch yourselves and keep your cool

A new anti-fascist group plans a rally Saturday in downtown Portland – part of series scheduled in cities across the country – but the demonstrations have whipped up a heap of warnings by right-wing groups on social media that the gatherings will signal a “civil war.”

Robert Brown, lead organizer for the Portland event, dismissed the claims of planned violence as “nonsense” and a “hoax” intended to scare people from participating in the march. A national spokesman for the group sponsoring the protests, Refuse Fascism, also denounced claims of any attacks during any of the demonstrations.

Since August, Facebook groups, YouTube videos and posts on other social media platforms – including use of the tag #CivilWar2017 – have warned that anti-fascists will cause a violent uprising Nov. 4 against supporters of the Trump administration.

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11 Responses to Watch yourselves and keep your cool

  1. Phil says:

    Even though it’s only a fifteen minute drive on a good day, I have zero desire to travel into Portlandistan unless compelled to do so.
    Those worthless cunts can parade around in the rain all they want, I won’t be there to point and laugh.

  2. C.R. says:

    They keep making noise but won’t step off of the porch(Or out of Mom & Dads basement) . It’s not the first time that these guys have said it’s on . I wouldn’t be too worried .

  3. majmike says:

    I can wait.

  4. Scott says:

    Agree with comments above. My take is different, in that You know damn well the
    media is aware, but not 1 mention.

  5. Sedition says:

    After tweeting the threats of beheading white parents and murdering whites, it’s time for them to either shit or get off the pot. Ain’t time to HUNT them yet, but I ain’t runnin’ from them either. Pretty much guarantee they won’t make it to within 300 yards of me out here, cause beginning at 600 yards, they’ll have to stop and puke over what happened to their fellow snowflake that was standing by them just a moment beforee.

  6. dogpigcat says:

    Whatever shall we do? LOL
    I do suppose they’ll create some shit in the urban areas but I don’t live in the urban areas so who cares? I know, the people who try to do business in the shitholes we call American cities will care but if you empower douchebags you get douchebaggery. Reap what you sow mofos.

  7. Stretch says:

    I looked at their site for “rally points.” Seems those points fall into 2 categories; 1) safe Red Cities where they know the PD have Stand Down orders. 2) suburban bedroom communities that seem a good way for frustrated children and soccer moms to posture w/o danger.

  8. Don in Oregon says:

    I am safely 250 miles away.

  9. nonncom says:

    Remember what my Dad told me…..Don’t ever start it, but you better finish it….

  10. juju2434 says:

    Those snowflake fucks are not going to show, and if they do they won’t hang around long, especially after they see their buddy’s head explode in a mist of red. Snipers are scary

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