When Jeanne Assam’s Gun Stopped a Church Massacre

Once again, the cries for gun control measures that wouldn’t have stopped the shooter are being heard. Yet once again, it was a good guy with a gun that in this case pursued the killer in a chase that resulted in death, preventing further deaths and saving lives. Once again, we hear cries that the good guy with the gun should be disarmed.

If a good guy with a gun had been inside the First Baptist Church, the killer could have been blown away and we might not be having this conversation. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton pointed out what should be obvious — that we don’t need more unarmed potential victims sitting like sheep, targets in what amounts to a gun-free zone:

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One Response to When Jeanne Assam’s Gun Stopped a Church Massacre

  1. John Deaux says:

    We are led like we are blind by opportunist to what they believe we should have / know / want.
    Fuck em I will find the trurh

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