$400 an hour…..

In this week’s imaginary career advice column, one reader writes:

Dear Ed,
I’m a high school dropout and have no marketable skills, but I feel entitled to earn $400 an hour. What kind of career path could you recommend?
Unworthy but Entitled

Well, Unworthy, I’m glad you asked that. It turns out I have just the job for you: performing largely unskilled labor building subway tunnels in New York City.

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3 Responses to $400 an hour…..

  1. Jimmy the Saint says:

    A cocaine/heroin/meth franchise is probably the best bet. Running a stable of bitches might also work.

  2. strnj1 says:

    We had NYC contractors come to Richmond in the 90’s and were so shocked that they didn’t have to pay a $100 a trip to use the freight elevator in the building that they took us out for a steak dinner with part of the money that had already been figured into the bid for such payments…

  3. Heathen says:

    Still not enough money to get me to go to New York. (City or State.)

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